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La Tomba di Giulietta (The Tomb of Juliet)

About The Tomb of Juliet

Basic Information:


Did Romeo and Juliet really exist? Why so Verona? Why people are so crazy to visit The House of Giulietta? And moreover also The Tomb of Giulietta?

In all these questions you can find an answer in The Story of Romeo and Giulietta.


The Tomb of Giulietta

The Tomb of Juliet in Verona is another one attraction for the tourists visiting Verona. It is located in an ex monastery of friars capuccini dating from the thirteenth century. Tradition and the fantasy imagination wants it to be the burial place of Giulietta Capuleti - the star of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

The appearance of the place as we see it today dated back to 1937 when the head of Veronese Museums Antonio Avena (who was also busy remaking the style of the house) wanted to look more closely to the expectations of tourists to the place identified as Tomb of Shakespearean heroine Juliet.


Opening Hours

On Monday: 13.30 - 19.30

From Tuesday to Sunday: 8.30 - 19.30

Closed Monday morning.



Verona, Italy,

via del Pontiere 35

Tel. 045.8000361


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Map of The Tomb of Giulietta


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