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Teatro Romano e Museo Archeologico (Roman Theater and Archeological Museum)

About Roman Theater and Archeological Museum

Basic Information:


The Roman Theater

Roman Theater of Verona is situated in the other side of the Adige River, just close to Ponte di Pietra and it is not so far from the historical center of the city. Somehow this place is less visited than the main historical center of Verona but it is recommended to see it. It is small Roman Theater but its place makes it to have a wonderful view on the city and the river and surely you will like it to go there.

This theater was built in the late first century BC, a period that saw the Verona's monumental St. Peter's hill. Before it was built between the Stone Bridge and the bridge over the Adige Postumius embankments were built parallel to the theater itself to protect it from possible flooding of the Adige River.

Today they are only visible only remains of the work because in the course of time it has undergone as well as natural events including the burial of dilapidated buildings. The "discoverer in the modern era" of the theater Andrea Monga (1794-1861) who was a rich merchant after having bought the whole area conducted extensive demolition and excavation. Only in 1904 the whole area was purchased by the town of Verona who continued the works.

Today you can see the remains of auditorium and up the steirs many arches of loggias and important remains of the stage. Are also bearing walls of the stage building. On the top of the hill in 1851 were found remains of the magnificent temple that coranava original structure of the theater complex stood dell'Agige to extend from the shore with several terraces to the top of the hill with a jump in the market share of approximately 60 meters.


The Archeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum at the Roman Theater is a permanent archaeological exhibition in Verona located opposite of the Roman Theater. It is a site of the fifteenth century convent Gesuati.

The Archaeological Museum of Verona was founded in 1924 in the area of ??the Roman theater. The archaeological collections were deposited at the museum from 1857 to Port Victoria. The collection of archaeological finds come from private collections donated to the town of Verona especially in the nineteenth century: among them there are many elements and statues of the Roman Theater, Etruscan urns, bronze statues, vases and Greek inscriptions.


Opening Hours

On Monday: 13.30 - 19.30

From Tuesday to Sunday: 8,30 - 19,30

First Sunday of the month tickets EUR 1.00 (excluding the months of June, July, August and September).


Verona, Italy

Regaste Redentore 2

Tel. +39 045 800 03 60; fax: +39 045 80 10 587


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Map of Roman Theater and Archeological Museum


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