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About Verona

Basic Information:

  • City: Verona
  • Region: Veneto
  • Province: Verona
  • Zona: North-East Italy
  • Coordinates: 45°26'17.37?N 10°59'37.47?E
  • Surface: 206,64 km²
  • Population: 264 158 (by 31/09/2011)
  • Patron Saint: San Zeno & San Pietro Martire
  • Saint Day: 29 April & 21 May
  • Web site: Official Web Site


Verona - for many people who knows and who already visited Verona is well known as The City of Romeo & Giulietta. But is it so or not?


Did Romeo and Juliet really exist?

Why so Verona? Why people are so crazy to visit The House of Giulietta? And moreover also The Tomb of Giulietta?

In all these questions you can find answer on The Story of Romeo and Giulietta.

Verona is one of the most visited city in the region of Veneto with a very rich history and many important monuments, buldings and remains to see there. It is a place for many cultural events and feasts as the annual Opera Festival, many shows and concerts by famous singers and bands. All these events are organized also thanks to the enormous very well preserved Arena in the main center of the city.

Verona is in the List of World Heritage sites by UNESCO.

More History of Verona


What to see in Verona?

Arena di Verona

Arena of Verona is very well known and it is the biggest well preserved to our days arena in Italy. Even the Colosseumsseum in Roma was not preserved on this way. So why during the summer months Arena of Verona is hosting Opera Festival and also many singers and stage bands.

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The House of Juliet

The current House of Juliet in Verona is a medieval building located in Via Cappello and it is not so far from the central squire Piazza delle Erbe.

Juliet's House in the fourteenth century became a property of the family Capello and appears to have been a pharmacy still at the end of the fifteenth century.

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The Tomb of Juliet

The Tomb of Juliet in Verona is another one attraction for the tourists visiting Verona. It is located in an ex monastery of friars capuccini dating from the thirteenth century. Tradition and the fantasy imagination wants it to be the burial place of Giulietta Capuleti - the star of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

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How to go to Verona?

Verona is situated in one place that makes it very easy reachable from all Italy and abroad.

  • By Air

    You have a few options here to reach Verona by air.

    The most close to the city is Verona Airport. From the airport you can get the bus which is at about half hour travel or if you prefer to get the taxi that is a little more expensive.

    For more information visit the Verona Airport web site.

    This is the most trafficked airport in the North Italy, it has lost of connections in all Europe and so why it could be a good solution for you. But also in this way first you should get the shuttle train or bus to the Central Rail Station of Milano and from Milano to get a train to Verona. At the end also this way is not so cheaper.

    For more information visit:

    - Malpensa Milano Airport - Terminal 1

    - Malpensa Milano Airport - Terminal 2.

    This optional way could be a good choice for you. There are buses every 20 minutes from the Airport of Venice to the Mestre Train Station. Then you can get a train from there and for at about one hour you will be in Verona.

    For more information visit the Marco Polo Venice Airport web site.

    Some company low cost are flying to Linate Milan Airport and this could be a good solution for you. The only convenience could be that you should fly in hours of the night. From Linate Milan you can get a bus or taxi to the Central Rail Station of Milano and from Milano to get a train to Verona. At the end probably you will not spend so few money.

    For more information visit the Brecsia Airport web site.

    This is the fourth busiest airport in Italy for low costs fly, used also by Ryanair company. From this airport you can reach Verona in a few different ways: by train from Bergamo to Verona with one change (no direct train), by bus to Brescia and then with a train to Verona, to rent a car or to use an expensive airport transfer.

    From Orio al Serio Airport there are buses every 30 minutes to Bergamo and then you can get a train to Verona.

    Or if you prefer you can get a bus from the airport to the train station in Bergamo and then to get the train to Verona (45 minutes).

    Bergamo airport is situated at about 4km south of Bergamo, 45km east of Milan and 111km west of Verona so why this transport also could not be so cheaper for you.

    For more information visit the Orio al Serio "Il Caravaggio" Airport Bergamo web site.

    This airport is use by some air company like Ryanair and it is well connected by bus to train station of Verona.

    For more information visit the Brecsia Airport web site.

    Treviso Airport is another one low cost fly option for you. Also this airport is used by Ryanair company. If you use this way to reach Verona first you should get a bus to Mestre and then a train to Verona.

    For more information visit the Treviso Airport web site.

  • By Train

Being in a cross roads from North to South and from West to East many trains are passing from here. So why it is very easy to go there also by train from abroad. The main station is Verona Porta Nuova.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


  • By Car

Situated in a crossroads from North to South and from the West to East makes Verona very easy reachable also by car or bus. There are two highways crossing here A4 and A22. There is another one SS 434 that is good solution to go to Ferrara, Rovigo and Parco Regionale del delta del Po in Adriatic Sea.

To find Parking in Verona is not so easy. Close to the historic center is the parking in Via Pallone, just attached to the Old walls of Verona, good for buses or cars. If you are lucky Piazza Cittadella is the closest small parking nearby Arena di Verona. Otherwise if you go to Verona by car you will have always difficulties to find parking there. You can by a "Verona Park" card at a newsagent or bar in Verona but note also that the parking there is rather expensive for an hour.

Hiring car in Verona is not so good solution if you should stay only in Verona because of the crowded parking there but if you prefer you can do it at Verona Airport.


TravelMapItaly Advices

  • Verona is a beautiful city and you should not miss to go and see it especially if you go there in your own. Check for the most important things to see there in this site.
  • If you go there by car you will have difficulties to find parking so it is recommended to leave your car in the hotel you are in and to use the transport of the city. Ask in your hotel for more.
  • All the historical sites to see are rather close so you could do it by walking. But if you would like to see everything there you will need maybe at least two days.
  • Note: First Sunday of the month tickets are EUR 1.00 (excluding the months of June, July, August and September) in the following Museums in Verona:


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