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Ponte degli Scalzi (The Scalzi Bridge)

About Ponte degli Scalzi

Basic Information:


Ponte degli Scalzi is the smallest bridge from the four bridges across Canal Grande. The others are Ponte di Rialto, Ponte dell'Accademia and Ponte della Costituzione. It is called also the Bridge of the Rialway Station in Venice because it is most close to the station and you should pass over if you decided to go to Piazza San Marco by walking.

At the beginnig the bridge wa made by iron but later it was replaced by stones. Going in the direction of Piazzale Roma close to Ponte degli Scalzi you will find another one of the four bridges - Ponte della Costituzione.


TravelMapItaly Advice

For those who are curious to discover the hidden part of Venezia it is recommended to take a look at Ponte degli Scalzi but don't to pass over and don't get the main street to Piazza San Marco.


Discover the hidden Venice!

Don't limit yourself to visit only the main touristic streets in Venice. I recommend you from the Railway Station to get the direction via Sestriere Cannaregio, Rio Terrà Lista de Spagna, Strada Nuova and you will finish just on the other side of Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) - the most beautiful bridge in Venice. On this way you will discover another one side of Venice that is a little hidden from the main touristic streets and it is still less visited by tourists. Just after the Railway Station you will see on your right Ponte degli Scalzi, but don't cross it, go on. All this way is by foot and you will find the only one long and large street only for walking in Venezia. Your way will pass the Ghetto di Venezia, you will see many shops, a few churches as the St. Felice, Dei Santi Apostoli, and others, that are far from the touristic streets. If you are much more curious then use the map and find some more churches that are far from the Main street of Veniezia for Venezians like the Santa Maria dei Miracoli, the Basillica S. Giovanni Paolo, The Sant Alvise, The San Francesco della Vigna, Isola and the Church San Pietro di Castello, Isola di Sant' Elena and much more.


Opening Hours

It is one open area so you could visit it 24 of 24 hours.



Venezia, Italy

Ponte degli Scalzi is almost at the beginning of Canal Grande just close to the Railway Station of Venezia. If you go by walking you will easily find it if you follow the indications in the city of the main walking street that will brings you to Piazza San Marco.


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Map of Ponte degli Scalzi


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