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Cervino, Cervinia


About Cervino, Cervinia

mimipet.com-marmotta-0006Basic Information:

  • City: Breuil Cervinia
  • Region: Valle d'Aosta
  • Zona: North-West Italy, on the border with Switzerland
  • Provinces: Valle d'Aosta
  • Altitude: 2 025 m
  • Population: 700 (by 31/12/2010)


Cervinia - Cervino

Breuil-Cervinia is an sky resort and a small fraction of Valtournenche (Valle d'Aosta). It lies at 2 025 m above the sea level and it is situated just down the top of Cervino (Matterhorn in German) - 4 478 m.

Being there and having at about almost 2 500 m above your head you will feel how much small you are and how much magnificent is this mountain.

The tourism in Breuil-Cervinia was developed at the end of the nineteenth century when many climbers reached the town to conquer the summit of the Matterhorn, one of the last reached tops in Europe.

With the birth of the Alpine Ski slopes, Cervinia also become the destination of the first skiers. They have born the first hotels there and step by step the town starts to transform itself from a simple alpine place to real tourist destination.

Except that here you will find some of the best Ski Slopes in Italy, in the surrounding of Cervinia and Plan Maison in particular, you will find a wide variety of flowers and those little cute ground squirrels called Marmotta.


Take a look here at "The Sentinel of the Alps" Gallery called "The Photographer in My Eyes"!



On the other side of Cervino (Matterhorn) is located the village Zermatt (1 616 m) in Switzerland.

The both places Cervino in Italy and Zermatt in Switzerland have a many and different lines of cableway going to the top of the mountain there.


Plateau Rosà

Cervino is an attractive ski destination moreover you can go skiing there also in the summer in the higher ski slopes of Plateau Rosà. The most higher point here where you can go with a cableway is Testa Grigia (3 480 m). Plateau Rosa is a glacier located in the Swiss Valley of the Pennine Alps just across the Swiss border.

The Plateau is reached by cable car from Plateau Rosà from the Italian side. From the Swiss side it is achieved by ski lift starting from the Trockener Steg and from Klein Matterhorn (3 883 m). Klein Matterhorn is the Europe's highest mountain lift.

Now it is in a project to connect Testa Grigia (3 480 m) in Italy with Klein Matterhorn (3 883 m) via cableway. On this way the both countries Italy and Switzerland will be well connected and Plateau Rosà will become even more important.


How to go to Cervinia?

Cervinia is located in a narrow small valley, surrounded from all the parts with high mountains. The only way to go there is by car or bus.

    • By Air

The nearest big International Airport is the one of Turin (Torino).

For more information visit the Torino Caselle - International Airport Turin web site.

  • By Train


By train you can go only to some villages and cities in Valle d'Aosta as Chatillon. Then you should hire a car, or with taxi or bus.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

Going with a car is the most easiest way and for sure you will have a time also to admire the landscape everywhere you are passing. The way is narrow but the landscape will pay you for this especially when you start to see Cervino rather far from it.


    • Go Around

Cervino is very small village (fraction) you will make a tour to see it rather fast. But the most beautiful walk you can do is on Plan Maison (2 555 m). There are a few high mountain treks there as Lac de Coillet and a few other smaller lakes where you can have a beautiful view on the top of Cervino.


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Map of Cervino, Cervinia


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