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Pozzo di San Patrizio

About Pozzo di San Patrizio (Well of San Patrizio)

Basic Information:

  • City: Orvieto
  • Region: Umbria
  • Province: Terni
  • Zona: Central Italy


The Irish Legend

Attested since the Middle Ages is the story relating to a deep cave located on an island of Lough Derg, Donegal in Ireland. According to the legend the cave had been indicated by Christ to St. Patrick, who was praying in solitary on the island that could show the pains of hell for the most faithful believers that could ventured up to reach the bottom. In return they would have obtained the remission of sins and access to Paradise.

The cave became a place of pilgrimage until 1457 when Pope Callisto III imposed the closure of the cave.


The History of Pozzo di San Patrizio in Orvieto

Pozzo di San Patrizio (The St. Patrick's Well) is a historic structure built by Antonio da Sangallo in Orvieto between 1527 and 1537 in order of Pope Clement VII, returning from the sack of Rome and eager to protect themselves in case of siege of the city where it was withdrawn. The work of the well - designed to provide water in case of disaster or siege - were concluded during the papacy of Paul III Farnese (1534-1549).

The access to the water is a masterpiece of engineering and it is provided by two-way helical ramps completely autonomous and served by two different ports, which allowed the mules to carry the water extracted without obstruct and without having to resort to the only road that led to the country from the valley floor.

- The Pozzo (The Well) is deep 53.15 meters and it was created by digging into the tufa plateau crust and the upper Tiber valley, where stands the town of Orvieto, a rock that is enough hard but now it is is suffering after several centuries.

- It is cylindrical with a circular base with diameter of 13 m.

- The steps are 248 and it has 70 windows that give the light.

Perhaps the aura of the sacred and magician that accompanies deep cavities or pure imitation of models and film, the modern tourists throw coins in the hope of return.

The Well was named San Patrizio similar to the homonym well which is in Ireland.


Opening Hours

All the year

January, February, November, December - from 10.00 to 17.00

March, April, September, October - from 9.00 to 19.00

May, June, July, August - from 9.00 to 20.00



05018 Orvieto, Terni, Italy

Viale Sangallo

☎, fax: +39 0763 34 37 68


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Map of Orvieto


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