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Pozzo della Cava

About Pozzo della Cava (Well of Cava)

Basic Information:

  • City: Orvieto
  • Region: Umbria
  • Province: Terni
  • Zona: Central Italy


The History of Pozzo della Cava

In 1527 Pope Clement VII ordered to dig the Well of San Patrizio and the Well of Cava. He did adapt this structure of Etruscan origin to draw water from the source. The expenses were incurred by the municipality and the work was completed in 1530. The well remained open until 1646 until the municipal authorities ordered the close it. Now it is housed in one of nine caves which are included in the guided tour underground.

In 1984 Tersilio Sciarra has rediscovered the well during the renovations but only up to a depth of 25 meters.

In 1999 it was discovered that the first well of Orvieto is Pozzo della Cava and not Pozzo di San Patrizio.

Between 1985 and 2004 have been discovered many caves around the well.

To achieve the well it was necessary to demolish part of a house on Via della Cava in place of the realization of the well. The old entrance was restored only in 2004 with the creation of a well-head stone in memory of the original true Renaissance.

Pozzo della Cava similar to the most famous Pozzo di San Patrizio in Orvieto is carved into the stone and has a depth of 36 meters. The well is divided into 3 parts:

- the well circular with a diameter of 3.4 m,

- the cockpit of 60x70 cm with a rectangular section from the Etruscan ages,

- the tunnel at the bottom of the well with a height of about 170 cm and a length of about 20 m.

The floor is covered with mud and clay and has a groove that in all likelihood was used to flush the water of the well. At the base of the tunnel were found 5 equally spaced holes that were used perhaps to accommodate a machine for raising water.


One Legend has it that the well has been closed because there were 5 French officers were thrown for violence to women in the neighborhood of the quarry.

Other theories try to date the close of the war of Castro during which the whole of Quarry Street was turned into a fortress, bricking all the openings and alleys that are overlooked.


Opening Hours

Every Day:  from 8.00 to 20.00

Closed on Monday.



05018 Orvieto, Terni, Italy

Via della Cava, 28

☎ +39 0763 342 373; Fax 0763 341 029


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