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Basic Information:


Assisi is mostly well known for being the city where they were born, lived and died in St. Francesco, patron saint of Italy and St. Chiara. They gave to the city and Italy all their faith and live believing they do the best of them and so why they remained in the hearth of the people there. This is also the reason Assisi to be one of the most important place for pilgrims in Italy. So why going to Assisi first thing you should see are their basilicas and churches. The San Francesco Basilica, Basilica of Santa Chiara and and other Franciscan sites in Assisi deserved to become a part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


What to see in Assisi?

Basilicas and Churches of Assisi

  • Basilica of San Francesco of Assisi - the Saint of all Italy
  • Basilica of Santa Chiara - the second one important saint of the city
  • Cathedral of St. Rufino
  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Church of St. Pietro
  • Church Nuova
  • Oratory of pilgrims
  • Church of St. Stefano
  • Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli with the Porziuncola
  • Hermitage of the prisons on Mount Subasio
  • Church of St. Damiano
  • Church of Santa Maria in Rivotorto
  • Abbey of San Benedett
  • The Episcopal Palace, where St. Francesco made the renunciation of his father
  • Church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva


Other Monuments

  • The Roman Amphitheater
  • Rocca Maggiore
  • Piazza del Comune
  • The Minerva Temple



  • Diocesan Museum and Crypt of San Rufino
  • Museum of the Treasury of the Basilica of San Francesco
  • Contemporary Art Gallery - Pro Civitate Christiana
  • Missionary Museum of Europe
  • Museum of the Abbey of San Pietro
  • Civic Museum and Roman Forum
  • Municipal Art Gallery
  • Museum of the Porziuncola and Santa Maria degli Angeli
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Happy Father Rossetti of Santa Maria degli Angeli


How to go to Assisi?

    • By Air

Assisi is a small city and does not have his oven airport but the nearest airport of it is the one of Perugia that is on the half way from Assisi to Perugia. Perugia Airport usually is served by the low-cost company like Belle Air and Ryanair.

For more information visit:

Perugia Airport - International Airport San Francesco d'Assisi

From the airport of Perugia you can get a bus that runs for 20 minutes to Piazza d'Italia and and the railway station.


If you can not find any lines to fly to Perugia then the better solution is to fly to Roma:

Roma Airport 1 - International Airport Leonardo Da Vinci - Fiumicino

Roma Airport 2 - International Airport Ciampino

The both have very good connection with the city of Roma. You can go to the city and to get a train to Perugia or to hire a car or taxi.


    • By Train

Just a few kilometers from the center of Assisi there is a Train Station that is on the line Foligno -Terontola.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

The easiest way to go and visit Assisi is by car. There are some parking in the city where you can leave your car.

Take a look first how to go to Perugia.

Then once being in Perugia you should get the SS75 and then SS147 to Assisi from the both sides - from Perugia or from Foligno.


    • Go Around

The city of Assisi is very beautiful and you should visit it only by walking to see better its beauty and particular architecture and decorations.


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Map of Assisi


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