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"The main street of the castle, winding but flat is surrounded by good and comfortable houses to alternate humble houses. In high table-land, which is approached by two steps, sits the 'Arcipretura embellished with modern restorations. At the end of the castle is a large square destined to public games, adjoining it an oratory or brotherhood. a small chapel is also found at opposite end of the castle and out of it a more grandiose, which was built in 1729 and restored in 1815 ."


About Terricciola

Basic Information:

  • Village: Terricciola
  • Fractions: Selvatelle, Morrona, Soiana, Soianella, La Chientina, La Rosa
  • Region: Toscana
  • Province: Pisa
  • Zona: Central Italy
  • Coordinates: 43°31′32″N 10°40′51″E
  • Surface: 43 km²
  • Population: 4 556 (by 31/12/2010)
  • Patron Saint: San Donato
  • Saint Day: 7 August
  • Web site: Official Web Site


Terricciola is a small village in Toscana with 3 wings picturesque situated on the top of the hills of Toscana in an area famous like Valdera on the Path of Vine.

Terricciola lies at the confluence of the Valleys Era, Cascina and small river Sterza.


A little history of Terricciola

Terricciola is an ancient small village of the Etruscan origin, as documented by the discovery of settlements in the villages of Morrona and Soiana, where you can find Hellenistic necropolis with tombs and underground rooms.

Originally Terricciola was dotted by towers for defense, where the name of village Terricciola came from, in Latin "turris". Terricciola had a significant role in the territories under the Bishop of Volterra during the twelfth century. Terricciola often was a point of conflict in the wars between Pisa and Florence, in 1284 the population of Terricciola swore allegiance to the Republic of Florence. But in 1496 the city of Pisa took control of Terricciola again.

The plebiscite of 1860 for the annexation of Tuscany to Sardinia the "yes" received not the majority of claimants (425 of total 1063), a sign of opposition to the annexation.


What to see in Terricciola?

Churches and Sanctuary

  • Church of San Donato in Terricciola
  • Abbey and Church of Santa Maria in Morrona
  • Church of San Bartolomeo in Casanova
  • Santuary of Immacolata Concezione
  • Church of San Bartolomeo in Morrona
  • Church of San Martino in Selvatelle
  • Church of Sant'Andrea in Soiana
  • Antic Church Pieve in Pitti


The Villas

  • Villa Gherardi Del Testa
  • Villa Cempini Meazzoli
  • Villa di Montemurlo


Events and Feasts in Terricciola

Being on the Street of Wine in Toscana and in one of most visited area in Italy helped to turn Terricciola into a place of many Events and Feasts.

Most significant for the village are the Feast of Wine and the Feast of Strawberry.


How to go to Terricciola?

Terricciola is located in a place where you can get a connection from the main city in Toscana. Check first how to reach these city:

Once being to Firenze or Pisa you can get a taxi to reach Terricciola or a bus from Pontedera or Ponsacco.


    • By Car

The better way to go to Terricciola is by car and to enjoy all the nice landscapes and places.


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Map of Terricciola


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