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About Rovereto

Basic Information:


Rovereto (Roveredo in Trentino dialect and Rofreit in German) is an Italian one rather small city in the province of Trento in Trentino-Alto Adige.

Rovereto is the second biggest city in the province of Trento by population, after the capital, it is the largest city of Vallagarina, so called in Adige Valley tract as Besenello-Borghetto of at about 40 km. Rovereto is a historical city belonging to the Principality Bishop of Trento during the Holy Roman Empire of Germany, for nearly a century of Serenissima, then to the Conte of Tyrol by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.



The Origin of the name Rovereto

The etymology of the city of Rovereto (Roboretus) comes from the Latin Roborem and derives from the same root as the word Robur: power, strength, strong. In Botany the word oak is related to a species of native oak of Europe, a lower height to the ordinary oak and that provides a very hard wood: Quercus petraea. In Roman toponymy "Roboretum" means forest of oak trees that grows everywhere in the valley and it is effigy of the coat of the communal arms.

What to see in Rovereto?

Rovereto is now an important tourist and cultural center of Trentino. It houses one of the largest Museums of Contemporary Art in Italy, called Mart and thanks to the presence of the Peace Bell is, for many years, the City of Peace and Sport. In addition to these two institutions has other museums and the city is a home to many cultural events. Moreover Rovereto is situated a short distance from Lake Garda (about 25 km) and it is surrounded by lots of places of winter sports and hiking in the summer such as Brentonico Folgaria.

Near Rovereto, in the municipality of Trambileno, in the valley along the River Leno, sits on the wall overlooking the river itself, the Eremo di San Colombano, something unusual to see in our days.


Churches and Sanctuary

  • Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows
  • Parish church of St. mark
  • Church of the Redeemer
  • Church of the Intercession
  • Church of Loreto
  • Church of St. Anthony the Abbot
  • Church of St. Catherine and Convent
  • Church of St. cross
  • Church of St. Florian Parish Lizzana
  • Church of St. Giorgio
  • Church of St. John the Baptist
  • Church of St. Maria del Carmine
  • Church of St. Martino-Noriglio
  • Church of St. Nicholas
  • Church of St. Rocco and Convent
  • Parish Church of St. Mark the Evangelist Mark
  • Church of St. Maria delle Grazie
  • Shrine of Our Lady of Mountains


  • Castello di Rovereto
  • Castel Dante (Lizzana Castle)
  • Castel Beseno
  • Castel Corno
  • Castel Noarna
  • Castel Pietra
  • Castello di Avio
  • Castello di Castellano
  • Ruderi di Castel Barco


  • Birthplace of Antonio Rosmini
  • Palazzo "former barracks Guardia di Finanza"
  • Palazzo Alberti
  • Palazzo Balista
  • Palazzo de 'Cobelli
  • Palace of trefoils
  • Palace of the Savings Bank
  • Palace of Manufacture
  • Palazzo dell'Annona
  • Post Office Building
  • Palace of the Institute of Science
  • Palazzo Fedrigotti
  • Palazzo Piamarta
  • Praetorian Palace
  • Palazzo Testori
  • Palazzo Todeschi-Micheli
  • Railway Station
  • Villa Romana
  • Villa Tranquillini
  • I filatoi di Roggia Paiari

Important Monuments

  • Military Memorial of Castel Dante
  • Bell of the Fallen
  • Eremo di San Colombano in Trambileno, Rovereto

Monuments and Fountains

  • Mausoleum Heels
  • Monument to Antonio Rosmini
  • monument Alpino
  • Monument Vannetti
  • Monument Zandonai
  • Mortar 305/10
  • Port of St. Mark
  • Civic Tower
  • Fountain of Peace
  • Fountain of Neptune
  • Fountain Rosmini
  • Fountain of Two plugs in via Santa Maria
  • Fountain of Square Filzi in Borgo Sacco

Unique places

  • The Footprints of Dinosaurs in Lavini Marco


  • House of Futurist Art Depero
  • Mart - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto
  • Civic Museum
  • Italian Historical Museum of the War
  • The Diocesan Museum of Trent section Villalagarina
  • The Museum Postcard
  • The Museum of civilization
  • The Museum of Piano at Ala

Streets, Squares and Canals

  • Campiello del Trivio
  • Corso Bettini
  • Walls of the City
  • Piazza Damiano Church
  • Square and fountain Sacco
  • Piazza Erbe
  • Piazza Malfatti
  • Piazza Podesta
  • Piazza Rosmini and fountain
  • Piazza San Marco
  • Canal Grande
  • Roggia Paiari
  • Small Canal
  • Way of the Earth
  • Via Mercerie
  • Via Portici
  • Via Rialto
  • Via Tartarotti


Useful information

On the official site of Rovereto you can find a Map and audio files about the most visited places in Rovereto. All places of interest are almost on the same main street in the city.
You can find also many other useful information there.

Map and Audio Files of Rovereto

Note that the materials are only in Italian!


How to go to Rovereto?

    • By Air

Rovereto does not have its own airport. But it stays 28 km on south of Trento.

For more information check How to go to Trento?


    • By Train

Rovereto thanks the Italian Railways is well connected with all Italy.

The Royal Imperial station was opened March 23, 1859 with the opening of the trunk Trento - Wing of the Brenner Railway.

The Brennero Railway: currently in front of the station is also the freight, but has been designed to move to Mori station, which would allow the construction of a station bifrontal, with the current access from Piazzale Bears and also by F. Zeni.

The Rovereto Railway-Arco-Riva - so called "RAR" is a narrow-gauge railway (760 mm) connecting the Brennero Railroad with the north shore of Lake Garda in the year from 1891 to 1936.

The Province is also working on the project called "Metroland", a plan of railway network in the tunnel to connect quickly all the valleys of Trentino, one of the lines is provided "Rovereto - Arco - Ponte Arche - Tione.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

Rovereto is very well connected with all parts of Italy and Austria.

      • If you come via Highway A22 from almost all Italy you sould exit in Rovereto Sud - Lago di Garda Nord.
      • If you come via Highway A22 from Trento, Bolzano or Switzerland you should exit in Rovereto Nord.
      • SS12 Abetone and Brennero: Rovereto is located at about 65 km from Verona and 25 km from Trento.
      • SS240 Loppio and Ledro: Rovereto is at about 20 km from Riva del Garda.
      • SS46 Pasubio is an important route to the Veneto and in particular Vicenza, located about 80 km.
      • The county road 2 leads to Terragnolo and Folgaria.
      • The Provincial Road 89 runs parallel to the Vallarsa SS46 on the opposite side of the valley.
      • The provincial Road 90, known as the Right Adige (Destra Adige), because runs on the western side of the valley, to the right of the river.
      • In order to facilitate traffic, there are also in the process of designing a bypass east and a western bypass.


  • Go Around
    • In Piazzale Orsi, in front of the station is the urban station (Piazzale Bears - Railway Station) for bus lines A, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
    • In a second station, located in Via Cesari (Via Cesari - train station), stop the local lines A, 1, 3, 4 and 6.
    • Opposite the station also stop the suburban lines to Trento and Riva del Garda - Arco, Brentwood, Folgaria - Lavarone, Ala. - Avio, Ronzo-Chienis, Vallarsa - Pian delle Fugazze.
    • Of course you always can get the taxi there.
    • As in most of the places in Italy also in Rovereto the better way to visit the city is by walking. A walk from the train station in the center of Rovereto takes usually at about five minutes.


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Map of Rovereto


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