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Riserva Naturale orientata Cavagrande del Cassibile

(Natural Reserve Cavagrande Cassibile)


About Natural Reserve Cavagrande Cassibile

Basic Information:

  • Natural Area: Natural Reserve Cavagrande Cassibile
  • Region: Sicilia
  • Province: Siracusa
  • Municipality: Avola, Noto, Siracusa
  • Zona: South Italy


The Natural Reserve Cavagrande Cassibile is a regional nature reserve of Sicily, full of beautiful landscapes, anthropological, hydrological, archaeological and caving resources. The area covers 2 700 hectares. The reserve was established in 13 of July 1990 and it is managed by the State Forests of the Sicilian Region.

It is crossed by the river Cassibile (the ancient greek Kakyparis), which over the centuries has created a series of deep canyons. In the valley, has come to create a complex system of small waterfalls and natural reservoirs (locally called "uruvi") often for swimming. The highest altitude reached the plateau on the bed of the river is 520 m above sea level, but it is close to the viewpoint of Avola Antica, which, with its 507 meters, the river reaches its maximum depth. Also in this section reaches its maximum width of 1200 meters. In the 10 km length of the canyon, as mentioned, you can admire numerous colorful lakes, with fresh and very clear water. Among them you can find many small beautiful lakes near Avola Antica accessible to the public through a historical scale, called Scala Cruci.


What can you see in the Natural Reserve of Cavagrande Cassibile?

The scroll of waterways and the morphology of the Grand Canyon of Cavagrande del Cassibile makes spectacular caves to see.

  • On the north side of the Canyon you can see a small cluster of cave dwellings.
  • In the south there is a complex system of houses dug into the rock, placed side by side on six different parallel levels, connected by a system of tunnels and galleries.
  • While the edge of the reserve, north-east, there are several ancient necropolis, in which were found rich grave goods and ceramic material: its unique decoration, called feathered or marbled, is part of the Ausonian culture in Aeolian islands and in eastern Sicily around 1000 BC.


General Advices for visiting Cavagrande Cassibile

 Take in consideration these General Advices before to visit the Natural Reserve Cavagrande Cassibile

  • Wear hiking or tennis shoes (Attention: You cannot join with open shoes!)
  • The main trail is called "Cruci Scale" and you can enter between 8.00 to 19.00,
  • Bring with you drinking water (and why not mineral salts),
  • Difference between access and the valley floor is at about 320 m,
  • The trail is at about 1 700 (steps and dirt path),
  • The path is not recommended for people with problems of asthma, respiratory, cardiac, allergy and pregnant women,
  • In case of rain, the reserve is closed 2-3 days,
  • In the Canyon there is any mobile phone network, neither cell phones works,
  • It is recommended to take to the relatively cool hours - go down before 9.00 and rise up after 17.00,
  • GPS coordinates: N 36 58'6 .40 E 15 5'35 .13
  • Telephone number of the managing body: 0039 0931 67 450.

Opening Hours

From 8.00 to 19.00.

Closed: During the rain and 2-3 days after it.



Sicilia, Italy

near Siracusa Take a look at the map to find it!

☎ +39 0931 67 450

Contact: From Monday to Friday

From 9.00 to 12.30

Web site: Riserva Naturale Cavagrande Cassibile


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Map of Natural Reserve Cavagrande Cassibile


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