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Temple of Antas


About Temple of Antas

Basic Information:

  • Archeological city: Temple of Antas
  • Region: Sardegna
  • Province: Carbonia-Iglesias
  • Municipality: Fluminimaggiore
  • Zona: West Italy, In Mediterranean Sea


The Temple of Antas is a Punic-Roman Temple dedicated to the worship of the eponymous god of the Sardinians Sardus Pater Babai (Sid Addir for the Carthaginians). It is located about ten kilometers south of the town of Iglesias, settled in an area where Carthaginians and Romans, attracted by abundant deposits of lead and iron in the area.

Under the entrance steps to the Roman temple there are remains of the previous Carthaginian Temple dedicated to the god Sid Addir, continuation of the previous nuragic cult bestowed to the god of water and vegetation. The first chapel was built in 500 BC on an outcrop of limestone held sacred and in 300 BC the temple was renovated. Around the altar were found many Punic objects.


What can you find more in the area around the Temple of Antas?

In the archaeological area of the Temple Antas are presented the following:

  • A small necropolis in the area in front of the temple (discovered in 1984, today the three graves found are not visible);
  • The remains of an ancient nuragic village (1200 BC-900 BC), also used in late-Roman;
  • The Roman quarries, from which we extracted the limestone rocks used to build the temple;
  • An ancient path that connects the archaeological site of the Temple of Antas with a cave, in which were found some nuragic objects that it is believed antic people practiced the cult of water.

No less important are the ancient rock outcroppings that help to make it interesting natural environment.


Opening Hours

In the Summer: 9.30 - 17.30.

From July to September: 9.30 - 19.30 (every day).


In the Winter: 9.30 - 16.30.

Closed: On Monday



Fluminimaggiore (CI),

Sardinia, Italy

☎ +39 0781 580 990


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