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Necropolis Tuvixeddu


About Necropolis Tuvixeddu

Basic Information:


The Necropolis Tuvixeddu in Cagliari is the largest Phoenician-Punic necropolis still exists. Extends on the whole the hill, it lies between the district grew up along the avenue Sant'Avendrace and the street Is Maglias.

Tuvixeddu means "The Hill of Small Holes", from the Sardinian tuvu for "cavity", due to the presence of numerous tombs carved into the limestone.

Between the sixth and third centuries BC the Carthaginians chose the hill to bury their dead: these burials were reached through a well dug into the rock limestone and deep by eight feet up to eleven meters. A small opening in the shaft introduced to the burial chamber. The burial chambers were finely decorated, and have been found in jars equally decorated, have also been found in cruets where they put the essences. On the slopes of the hill of Tuvixeddu you can find also a Roman necropolis, which is overlooking the road out of the city, became the Karalibus Turrem (now it is on the avenue Sant'Avendrace).

Of particular interest for you among the Punic tombs are the Tomb of Ureo and the Tomb of the Fighter, decorated with palm trees and masks still very well preserved.


Opening Hours

Usually this place is closed for works. But there are some special opening sometimes. So check on different sites in internet to see when it is possible to visit.



Cagliari, Italy

The main entrance on the cemetery is located at the end of Va Falzarego.

Take a look at the map to find the right place where it is.


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Map of Necropolis Tuvixeddu


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