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Group A. Palazzo Reale

About Group of Palazzo Reale

The groups for visits of Torino were organized by its closeness to the main place or castle in one precise area. Going one after the other as they are presented here you could visit all of them but take in consideration that you will need a couple of days to see everything.

The Group of Palazzo Reale of Torino is the first one you should not miss to visit once being there.


What to see in this group?

Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)

Without doubts this is the first place that you should visit in Torino. It was a residence of the King Family Savoya before they move to Roma, the capital city of Italy.

In 1563, with the transfer of the capital of the duchy from Chambéry to Turin, Emanuele Filiberto launched of a process of urban transformation focused on fortifying the city and the achievement of their residence. This was initially established in the Bishop's Palace, at the Cathedral of San Giovanni, but soon plans to build a new factory (facing the Palazzo Vecchio, the current Senate).

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Palazzo Madama

The origins of Palazzo Madama are dated from the I Century d.C. The history of the building at the center of Piazza Castello began in Roman times. On the foundations of today's palace opened one of the ancient entrances to the city of Augusta Taurinorum: it is the eastern gateway consists of two towers of sixteen sides, that framed four arched entrances, two central and two side tanks for pedestrians. Its size and shape were similar to those of the Porta Palatina (Palatine Gate) to the north of the city. Going to the Library and the exit you could still see the remains of the Roman wall.

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Duomo di San Giovani

Duomo di San Giovanni in Torino is a cathedral that you should not miss to visit coming to Torino.

Duomo of Torino is mostly famous and visited for the Sacra Sindone (Holy Shroud) of Jesus Christ carefully saved in the its Chapel. Usually it is exposed to the public once every 10 year. Last time it was possible to see it in 2010 for Easter. So if you would like to see it next time look first for information in internet.

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Porta Palatina

Porta Palatina is one old gateway from the roman times.

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Armeria Reale Museum

It is an interesting museum of the antic arms.

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How to go to Palazzo Reale?

For more information how to move in the city visit the web site of Gruppo Torinese Trasporti.


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Map of Group A. Palazzo Reale, Torino


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