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Grande Torino Museum

 "And every time when someone sees a huge green field, will remembered for us!
It is good to be remembered us!".

"Il Grande Torino" Film

Where Grande Torino Museum is?

Basic Information:

  • Town: Grugliasco
  • Region: Piedmont
  • Province: Torino
  • Zona: North-West Italy


Grugliasco is a small town in the surroundings of the enormous conglomerate of Turin in Piedmont, Italy. There it is situated the Museum of Gran Torino, dedicated to the Football team of Torino which was one of the most successful Football Team in the World before 1950.


About Grande Torino Football Team

Il Grande Torino was considered the strongest team at that time and grenade future champions of the world, when they participated in the World Championships in 1950. The Brazilians decided to host them for a few friendly matches to test the Italian team better.

In July of 1948 champions went to for Brazil.
From four games, the Grande Torino obtained the following results: 1-1 with Palmeiras, Corinthians defeat with 2-1, 4-0 victory with Portuguesa.


Successes of the Grande Torino Football Team

5 Times won championship football: 42/43 45/46 46/47 47/48 48/49
Maximum score on the leader-board: 65 points (1947/48)
Won at Home with the highest score: Alexandria 10-0 (1947/48)
Win with the highest score: Roma 7-0 (1945/46)
Matches won at home: 19 of 20 (1947/48)
Points earned at home: 39 of 40 (1947/48)
Goals scored in the championship: 125 (1947/48)
Record of players in the national team: 10 players 05/11/47 Italy-Hungary 3-2
408 Goals scored in the 5 years of the championship: Mazzola 97, Gabetto 86 Loik 62, VB 50, 39 Minds, Castilian 35, Grezar 19, Hammers 10, Ballarin 4 Bongiorni 2 Fadini Maroso, Rigamonti and Schubert 1.



Il Grande Torino Football Team was one of the few teams to travel by air for longer trips, even if the majority of players and especially the coach Ferrero were not happy because they were afraid (who knows why). Traveling by plane meant to be less fatigued, but it also gave an image of a modern and sleek team.


Superga Tragedy


On May 4, 1949 occurred the tragedy of Superga: the plane carrying the Football Team of the Grande Torino, in return from Lisbon, crashed into the back wall of the basilica of Superga, leaving no survivors - players, managers, carers, and the crew of three sports journalists. The emotional impact was enormous, because the Turin team had been one of the glories of the nation in sports: nearly one million people attended the funeral in Turin.


Find out Where is Superga?


Museum of the Grande Torino, Grugliasco

Currently the remains of the airplane, including a propeller, a tire and scattered pieces of the fuselage, but also the luggage of Mazzola, Maroso and Erbstein, are preserved in a museum in Grugliasco near Turin. The Museum of the Grande Torino, which is housing in the prestigious Villa Claretta Assandri, Grugliasco, was opened May 4, 2008 anniversary of the tragedy.

The walls destroyed by the impact still can be seen, as it was decided not to rebuild. The tragic event is commemorated by a plaque on the back of the building. It is a pilgrimage destination for sportsmen and not only. Every May 4 it is celebrated a solemn Mass in the memory of the victims.


Video about "Il Grande Torino"


There is also a Movie:

"Il Grande Torino"


Web Site of the Football Team

Il Grande Torino

Site by Nicoletta Perini - the nephew of the brothers Ballarin.


Opening Hours

Museum of Grande Torino, Grugliasco:

You should book your visit at least five days in advance of the chosen date.
Saturday: 14.00-19.00: first visit at 14.30, last visit at 17.30.
Sunday: 10.00-19.00: first visit at 10.30, last visit at 17.30.



Museo del Grande Torino e della Leggenda Granata

Villa Claretta Assandri

Via G.B. La Salle 87

Grugliasco (TO), Italy


Web site: Official Web Site


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Map of Museo of Grande Torino


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