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Grande Torino

 "And every time when someone sees a huge green field, will remembered for us!
It is good to be remembered us!".

"Il Grande Torino" Film

About Grande Torino

Basic Information:

  • City: Turin
  • Region: Piedmont
  • Province: Torino
  • Zona: North-West Italy

In this group are included one of the most spectacular places in Turin, Basilica of Superga and the Museum of Gran Torino. The both places are closely connected because of one air incident with the Football Team happened on May, 4 1949.


Basilica of Superga

Basilica of Superga is picturesque situated on the homonymous hill of Torino in 672 m. When the sky is clear you can have one of the most beautiful view over Turin and all the valley to the nearest Alps surrounding all the area there.

The history of the born of Basilica Superga is very interesting.

More about Basilica Superga


Museum of the Grande Torino, Grugliasco

The Museum of the Grande Torino, which is housing in the prestigious Villa Claretta Assandri, Grugliasco, was opened May 4, 2008 anniversary of the tragedy on the Hill of Superga.

More about Museum of Grande Torino

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Map of Torino


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