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Torino (Turin)

About Torino (Turin)


Torino (Turin) is the regional city of Piemonte (Piedmont) region. It was the capital city during the rule of Savoy dynasty here. In nowadays Torino is famous with production of Fiat, chocolate, football and the Turin Shroud of Jesus Christ. Close to the Alps, Turin makes a good starting-point for skiing holidays.

Before 2006 Winter Olympic Games Torino was mostly industrial center of the manufactured Fiat. After Olympic Games it become more and more also a touristic destination. The city have an attractive Baroque town center. There are few royal palaces (Palazzo Reale, Stupinigi, Venaria, Villa della Regina) that you should not miss to see, Borgo Mediovale. And more there are many churches and Cathedrals, notable museums as Egyptian Museum. The city is full of noble equestrian statues of Savoy princes and elegant arcades streets - Portici di Torino, that have more than 10 km arcades in the main center.

Turin's tourist attractions include the tower Torre Mole Antonelliana, a strange spire-topped building which features on the Italian 2 euro-cent coin. Inside you could see the Cinema Museum.

Piazza Castello is the heart of tourist Torino, home to grand palaces such as Palazzo Reale - the royal palace of the Savoy dynasty, and Palazzo Madama, previously a castle, prison, barracks and senate house. Around the Piazza - and indeed throughout Torino - you will find elegant historic cafes; an important part of Turin life, where you will be surprised to have a real Hot Chocolate, that you will remember forever.

Turin is the home to two major football clubs: Juventus and Torino. Juventus is one of the most successful and powerful clubs in Italy with a lot of fans through Italy and beyond, while Torino are the team of choice for many locals.

Turin was the capital of the XX Winter Olympic Games 2006, which will take place in the many skiing resorts within easy reach of the city. Maybe you still remember beautiful official motto of the XX Winter Olympic Games "Passion lives here".



  • Turin is also renowned as the setting for the original film of the "Italian Job", starring Michael Caine and fans can enjoy themselves finding locations from the film.

  • Did you know also that the world famous writer Emilio Salgari wrote his famous books about Sandocan and others novels just staying under the big shadows in Parco Valentino? Discover the Park and you will be surprised!

  • Parco Valentino - Valentino Park is a beautiful park along the Po river, where you could not only enjoy walk, make a sport end rest but to see the Medieval Castle - Borgo Mediovale, University of Architecture, Botanic Garden, beautiful Fountain of 12 months and many others.


What to see in Torino?

If you like to visit castles then start at the beginning with them. If not there are several museums that will surprise you with its richness. Or if you simply prefer make a walk in the old historic part of the city, park Valentino and park of the Royal Palace in the main center.

The destinations here are grouped by its closeness to the main place or castle in this area. Going one after the other as they are presented here you could visit all of them but take in consideration that you will need a couple of days to see everything.


Group A. Palazzo Reale (Royal Palace)

Porta Palatina is one old gateway from the roman times.

  • Armeria Reale Museum


Group B. Torre Mole Antonelliana (The Tower Mole Antonelliana)


Group C. Nearby Hill

  • Villa della Regina
  • Gran Madre di Dio Church
  • Chiesa di Santa Maria al Monte dei Cappuccini
  • Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi”
  • Monument of Garibaldi


Group D. Parco Valentino (Park Valentino)

  • Parco Valentino
  • Orto Botanico
  • Castello del Valentino - University of Architecture
  • Borgo e Rocca Medievale
  • Fontana dei Dodici Mesi
  • Torino Esposizioni
  • Museo dell'Automobile di Torino


Group E. Grande Torino


Group E. Castles of Turin


An optional way to see Torino - CitySightseeing Torino

You have two possibility to see just a part of everything you can see in Torino, mainly in the main center. There are 2 buses you could get:

  • Line A "Torino Center" - double - decker bus.

  • Line B "Unexpected Torino" - single- decker open bus.

Click on the links to see some short videos and for more information visit the site of

CitySightseeing Torino.


How to go to Torino?

Torino lies on the banks of the River Po in the Pianura (flat), surrounded of the high Alps nearby and just down the hill of Torino on the part east. It is lying also on the main railway and highway to France.

Torino is very easy reachable by Car, by Train, by Bus and by Airplane.

  • By Air

Airport of Torino Caselle is situated on the part north of the city at about 15 km from the main center of the city. The Airport have many International flights also. Buses in approximately half hour connect the airport with Turin's bus station and Porta Nuova railway station. There is a train service also every half hour going to Turin's Station Dora.

For more information visit the Airport of Torino Caselle web site.

  • By Train

Torino is very easy reachable by Train from all Italy and from abroad. There are various railway stations in Torino. The most important are: Porta Nuova, Porta Susa and Lingotto.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.

  • By Car

For those who wishes to travel by car, Torino is easy to reach by the A4 highway from Milano (Milan), A21 from Paicenza, A5 from Valle d'Aosta and A6 from Savona.

There are many payment parking in the center of Torino and also on the streets but remember if you visit the city in work days that the main center is crowd and it is rather hard to find parking. It is good idea to leave your car in the surroundings of Torino and to get the Tram, Metro or Bus to the center.

For more information about transport in Torino visit Turin Tourism web site.


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Map of Torino


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