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Cappella della Madonna delle Grazie (Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie)

About Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie

Basic Information:

  • Nearest town: La Morra
  • Capital of Langhe: Alba
  • Sub Region: Langhe
  • Region: Piemonte
  • Province: Cuneo and Asti
  • Zona: North-West Italy
  • Web site: Official Web Site


The Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie was built by a farmer in 1914 to accommodate the people who worked in the fields in case of bad weather. The chapel was never consecrated and abandoned but soon fell into disrepair. The chapel was frescoed by Giovanni Savio (1863-1950) from La Morra.

In 1972 (1976) the Ceretto Family bought the vineyard in front of the chapel. In 1999 Ceretto Family commissioned the reinterpretation of the chapel in a contemporary key by the two artists David Tremlett (1945) for the interior and Sol LeWitt (1928-2006) for the exterior. Sol LeWitt and David Tremlett are two of the leading figures of Conceptual art. Conceptual art is theorized in the U.S. during the sixties - a period of great artistic experimentation, aimed at finding new ways of expression.

Having become one of the area's most modern symbols the chapel is not known as the "Capella delle Brunate" (Brunate Chapel) or "Capella del Barolo" (Barolo Chapel) in celebration of the prestigious wine which begins its life in this famous vineyards.

Now The Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie still rather unknown place has returned to its original splendor. The chapel is continuing to represent a real point for tourists who plunged into the landscape of the Langhe can observe a real work of the contemporary art in the open.

The chapel is situated in an altitude of 513 metres, outside La Morra on one vineyards hill in Langhe of Piemonte.

On the small picture of the chapel here on the left part is seen the town of La Morra that is not so far from there.


Note: In different web sites in internet you can find different data of acquisition of the chapel by the Family Ceretto, so why it is written here 1972 (1976).


Opening Hours

The chapel is open on weekends and hosts cultural events.



Take a look and stamp the map here to find it more easy.

The chapel is situated on one very small path called Regione Fontanazza between the villages of La Morra on the North and Barolo on the South.


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Map of Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie


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