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About Langhe

Basic Information:

  • "Capital of Langhe": Alba
  • Region: Piemonte
  • Province: Cuneo and Asti
  • Zona: North-West Italy
  • Web site: Official Web Site


The Langhe is a historic region of Piedmont and it is located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, and it is neighboring also with the other historical regions of Piedmont as Monferrato and Roero and consists of a large hill system defined by the rivers Tanaro, Belbo, Bormida di Millesimo and Bormida di Spigno.

Langhe can be divided into:

Bassa Langa area between Tanaro in the north and Belbo in the south, with high level less than 600 m. This area of Alba is a zone of dell'Albese, wines and truffles (the famous white wine of Alba).

Alta Langa is the area on the border with Liguria, with a max high level of 750 m and a peak of 896 m in the municipality of Mombarcaro. Here there are domination the forests here.

Langa of Asti is the area south of the province of Asti, with Canelli on the north and the river Bormida Spigno on the east, with a peak of 851 m in the municipality of Serole.

List of the villages in Langhe.


What Langhe is famous with?

Langhe is a region of Piedmont famous with truffles of Alba, its world-famous wine, hazelnuts. In this area of Italy you will find many small and hospitality villages that are flowering between the hills of grapes. You could go in the Langhe enjoy its beautiful wines and not on the last place its wonderful landscapes and invites you to go there and find the many unknown places to visit as the Cappella della Madonna delle Grazie.

The world-famous wines that are produced in the Langhe are especially the reds, among which: Barolo, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto d'Alba, Dolcetto di Dogliani, Barbera d'Alba, Barbera d'Asti.

Equally famous are white truffles of Alba for which is held annually in the town dedicated a fair which attracts many visitors especially beyond national borders.

Wherever it is grown hazelnuts Tonda Gentile delle Langhe made ​​famous by the Ferrero products of Alba.

There are also various PDO cheeses, first of all the Robiola Roccaverano.

For several years the area of Langhe is famous tourist destination thanks to its excellent food and wine products and also thanks to the artistic and cultural beauty of the landscapes and the presence of ancient castles and monuments in almost all the territory.

Currently it was proposed to include the area of the Langhe together with Monferrato, Roero and Valtellina in the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.


What to see in Langhe?

Cappella della Madonna delle Grazie (Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie)

Having become one of the area's most modern symbols the chapel is not known as the "Capella delle Brunate" (Brunate Chapel) or "Capella del Barolo" (Barolo Chapel) in celebration of the prestigious wine which begins its life in this famous vineyards.

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How to go to Langhe?

The natural geographic placement makes Langhe very easy reachable by air, car or train.

  • By Air

There are two airports that you can use to reach Piedmont. The most big of them is Torino Caselle Airport. The most nearest is Cuneo Airport.

For more information visit the Torino Caselle Airport web site or the Cuneo Airport web site.

  • By Car

The Langhe has a good connection with the highways in Italy. You can go to Alba - the capital of the Langhe via Highway A33 coming from the north A21 getting the exit in Asti. On the west from the Highway A6 in the exit Marene.

Note: In the all area of Langhe you cannot use Highways, the roads are rather small there but very panoramic and nice to travel, just enjoy fully the landscapes.

  • By Train

You can reach Alba also by trains from Torino, Cuneo or Asti. Check for the nearest to you train station.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


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Map of Langhe


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