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About Campobasso

Basic Information:


Campobasso is the regional city of one of the smallest regions in Italy, Molise. The city is picturesque situated between two Rivers Biferno e Fortone.

The historical town of Campobasso is notable with lots of palaces and monuments of different historical periods, the most impressive of them are the thirteenth century Church of San Leonardo, Monforte Castle and the neoclassical Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

The city is a home of the Archbishop Metropolitan (Archdiocese of Campobasso-Boiano) and the University of Molise.



The origin of the name Campobasso

There are many assumptions and few certainties, many were those who with their studies and researches have tried to find the meaning.

Ziccardi based on some historical information of Tito Livio claims the name of the city to the fact that the Roman consul Bassi has built a military camp where Campus Bassi later was transformed into Campobasso.

Galanti insists that originally the town was divided into two villages: one called Campus de Prata and the other Campus Bassus. The first settlement situated at a higher level was destroyed and the inhabitants were transferred to the higher part, and so why the name of the future city is coming from Campus Bassus.

According to Masciotta the name of the city derives from Campus Vassorum, that means the field of vassals. In the tenth and eleventh centuries vassals were those who lived on the castles of the Seignior.

Gasdia believes simply that the name Campobasso is related to its geographic position. In his "History of Campobasso" he says: "Who first appeared at the conquest of the region, after the difficult walk to the up and then down, and then climb the mountain, breath going down to this tiny grassy plateau. Or they were the Bulgarians guided by Alzecone, or Lombards of Spoleto and Benevento, or conquerors of the Norman nobility, or peaceful monks of San Benedetto di Norcia, armed with Regula, psaltery, or the sacred agricultural tools were dated from Santa Sofia in Benevento to revive this region he said ... here is the Campo Basso, here is the location where we will plant the bivouac, the house, the abbey. "


What to see in Campobasso?

  • Castello Monforte
  • Chiesa della Madonna del Monte
  • The Cathedral, or Chiesa della Santissima Trinità (Church of the Holy Trinity)
  • The Church of San Bartolomeo
  • San leonardo
  • Villa de Capoa


How to go to Campobasso?

    • By Air

The most closest and convenient Airport to go to Campobasso are the airports of Roma:

The both have very good connection with the city of Roma and the train station where you can get the train to Campobasso.

The other one closest airport is:

Check on the closest to you airport which one airport will be a good solution for you.


    • By Train

Going to Campobasso by train maybe is the better solution because the city is far from the main Highways. The Railway Station is located in the center of Campobasso and it is managed by Centostazioni, society of Ferrovie dello Stato, which manages 106 properties of most important Italian railway station.

The station is crossed by the following lines:

      • Campobasso-Termoli;
      • Benevento-Campobasso;
      • Isernia-Campobasso.

The station is the terminus of all the trains that pass through there and the main destinations are Rome Termini, Naples Centrale, Benevento, Pescara Centrale and Termoli.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

Campobasso is located in a place far from nain Highways in Italy. It is under construction a Hightway that should connect Termoli - San Vittore Highway and will reduce the traffic from and to Roma.

      • SS 87 Sannitica (towards Isernia, Rome, Naples, Benevento);
      • SS 645 Fondovalle of Tappino (towards Foggia);
      • SS 647 Fondovalle Biferno dir/B (from the industrial area to the SS647 to Termoli and North Italy).

Meanwhile you should use the state roads to go to Campobasso. If you don't have your own havigator choice one of the following ways to go to Campobasso:

The city is served by a ring road divided into:

      • SS 710 Freeway (Tangenziale) East of Campobasso, also known as Variant SS 87 that divides the city traversing through viaducts and a tunnel (Vazzieri-San Vito) from the village of San Vito and reaching the junction with the fitting Ingotte through neighborhoods Vazzieri, Bear hill and North Campobasso.
      • SS 711 Freeway west of Campobasso, which starts from the village of San Vito with connections to the Eastern Freeway and the SS 645, to arrive at the Santa Maria de Foras / Selvapiana.


    • Go Around

The better way to see the old historical city of Campobasso is by walking. But for those who likes the network of urban and suburban public transport is served by SEAC, which offers 23 buses operate from 5 am to 22.


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Map of Campobasso


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