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The Palace-City of Urbino Montefeltro

About The Palace-City of Urbino Montefeltro

Basic Information:


"Federico built a Palace, by the opinion of many people it is the most beautiful that can you find in all Italy and as any appropriate given to you, it is not only a palace but a city seemed to be in the form of a palace."

by Baldassarre Castiglione, Il Cortegiano

Urbino in Marche is one rather small town of 15,627 inhabitants and it is the capital of the Province of Pesaro and Urbino together with Pesaro.

Urbino was one of the most important centers of the Italian Renaissance which still retains full architectural heritage. In 1998 the old town was added in the List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

The rich historical heritage, very well preserved buildings with many interesting monuments, museums and Ducal Palace to see there, specific local dishes, many events and festivals, and beautiful landscape of the place made Urbino attractive for tourists.


What to see in Urbino?

The Ducal Palace (Palazzo Ducale)

The Ducal Palace in Urbino is located on the opposite side of the Cathedral of Urbino. Palazzo Ducale is one of the most interesting examples of the entire Italian Renaissance art and architecture and it is a home to the National Gallery of Marche.

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What to see more in Urbino?

The Palaces in Urbino


Churches in Urbino


Museums in Urbino

  • National Gallery of Marche
  • The House of Raffaello (Casa Raffaello)
  • Archeological Museum Lapidario
  • Diocesano Albani Museum
  • The City Museum


University of Urbino

Urbino is a home to one of the oldest (founded 1506) and leading universities of Europe. The city of Urbino has more subscribers to its university than the population of the city is.



Urbino was a film set place for some productions as "La Mandragola" by Alberto Lattuada with Totò and "Rossini! Rossini!" in 1991 by Mario Monicelli.


Events and Feasts in Urbino

Urbino is home for over 40 years of the International Early Music Festival. There is Musical Chapel in Urbino with long years traditions.

More about Events & Feasts in Urbino


Typical Food in Urbino

Urbino is famous with one of the most delicious cheese of the area the Casciotta of Urbino - an ancient varieties of cheese, traditional product recognized of the DOP (Designation Originally Protected) from the Community of European Union.

Another specialty of Urbino is the typical La Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino (Crostolo di Urbania) - a kind of Flatbread enriched with lard.

Take a look here how to prepare La Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino (Crostolo di Urbania).

Another one specialty is La Scercia di Pasqua (Easter Flatbread) - baked product that is very similar to Italian Easter Panettone, but it is salty, with the presence of cheese and a little pepper, and there is the sweet version, with candied fruits and raisins.


How to go to Urbino?

Urbino is rather far from main Highways and Airports of Italy.

    • By Air

The most close Airport to Urbino is the one of Rimini. But you can use also these in Ancona-Falconara, Forli, Bologna-Borgo Panigale.

For more information visit:

Rimini Airport - International Airport Federico Fellino Rimini - 65 km

Ancona-Falconara Airport - International Airport Ancona-Falconara - 90 km

Forli Airport - International Airport Forli - 115 km

Bologna Borgo Panigale - International Airport Bologna Guglielmo Marconi - 181 km

Check in the nearest to you airport which one connection will be good for you.


    • By Train

There are not any train station in Urbino. The most close train stations are in Pesaro (37 km) and Fano (50 km) if you come from the part of Adriatic Sea.

If you come from Rome you should stop in Fossato di Vico (73 km) and Gubbio (68 km).

In all these case you should hire a car in these cities, to use a taxi or to get the bus to Urbino.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

Going to Urbino is the most preferred way to visit the city although the city is rather far from the main Highways.The way to Urbino is very picturesque and you will enjoy it.

If you go to Urbino via Adriatic Highway A14 you can:

- exit in Pesaro from North part and get SP30.

- exit in Fano from the South part and get E78 (SS73bis)

If you come from Highway A1 you can:

- from the North in exit in Arezzo and to get E78 (SS73bis) to Urbania and Urbino

- from the South in exit Caldare, to get E45 to Peruggia. Then from Peruggia to Gubbio to get SR298, then in Scheggia e Pascelupo to get SS3 to Pontericcioli, after get the SP3 and in exit Calmazzo get E78 to Urbino.


    • Go Around

As in all Italian cities historical part of Urbino does not have parking inside the city. You should leave your car in one of the small parking down the city in Via Luciano Laurana, viale Bruno Buozzi, Piazza Mercatale or if you are lucky to find a parking all around the historical city.

Then you can walk all around the city and to enjoy and discover the beauty of Urbino.


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Map of The Palace-City of Urbino Montefeltro


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