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Roma (Rome)

About Roma

  • City: Roma
  • Region: Lazio
  • Province: Roma
  • Zona: Central Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Cordinates: 41°53′35″N 12°28′58″E
  • Surface: 1285 km ²
  • Population: 2 777 979 (by 30/09/2011)
  • Patron Saint: Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • Saint Day: 29 June
  • Web site: Official Web Site (in Italian)

Roma - the city of life history, the legends, the monuments and the culture of Italy.

Roma is the capital city of Italy. The Parliament, Provincial, Municipal and hundreds of other national and international organizations have their headquarters in Roma. Roma is also the world center of Catholicism, with the Vatican State. The Imperial, the Medieval papal and the Institutional give us the present face and importance of the city on the world.

Ancient and modern, past and present intertwine and go side by side. Whether you are in Rome for 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or more be ready to enter the world largest open air museum. You can choose to follow the typical tourist paths or to explore small streets far from tourist traffic. In all ways Roma will touch you with its beauty and will surprise you all the time.


What to see in Roma?

There are too many sites to see in Roma. Here you can see just some of them. Come back again later to find the newest sights of Roma here. To be more easy for you to visit them, the sites are grouped by their closest destination.


Some interesting Guides to download for your visit in Roma you can find in Roma official touristic site.


How to go to Roma?

As it is used to said on the world "All the roads lead to Roma".

All the roads leads to Roma and All kind of transport you get you will easily reach Roma:
- by Airplane, Train, Bus, Car, Ship or Boat.

  • By Air

    There are two Airports in the surrounding of Roma that ere convenient to use - Fiumicino and Ciampino. The both have very good connection with the city of Roma.

    Fiumicino is the principal airport of Roma, where international departing and arriving flights operate. From this air terminal, the F.S. Express Train goes to Termini railway station and it is the most convenient transport for center of Roma, reachable in 25-30 minutes. The Express train is available every 30 minutes. Regular train service stops at the minor stations of Roma and the estimated time is 30-60 minutes with a 20 minutes frequency.

    Ciampino is the second important airport of Roma. It is a civil-military airport. The most convenient service to Roma and back to the airport is offered by private bus lines operating every 30 minutes and it goes to Termini railway station for 30 minutes.

    It is another one alternative small airport that you can use to go to Roma.

  • By Train

    The principal and most used are two stations of Roma - Termini & Tiburtina.

    • Termini is the central railway station of Roma. Its name came from the ancient Baths of Diocletian, which can be found across the street from the main entrance of the station. Started to built in 1931 it was a bug success of capability and design to finish it in 1950.

    • The majority of public buses leaves from Termini to the different areas of the city and the two existing underground lines have their changing terminal there. If you travel from Northern Italy, Eurostar trains are the fastest to reach Roma, departing from Milan and Venezia. The estimated time is 4 hs 30 min. Next best station is Tiburtina, main stop for all the trains to Fiumicino Airport. Almost all the trains operating at night lead to this station located in Southwestern Roma.
    • Some information about Termini Railway Station.

    • Tiburtina Railway Station is the second train station in Roma. It is very well connected with whole the city thanks to the metro station and many buses, it is placed in a quite central place, even though it is not in the city center. It is very close to the rich neighborhood around Piazza Bologna. Near the Tiburtina station, you can find the main Bus terminal that it is connecting cities nearby Roma and outside the Lazio region. Getting the Metro Line B direction Termini you can go to Roma center. You could use also Buses 649 or 492.

    • Notice that the station is just under the Tangenziale Est, one of the main motorway-rings of Roma. If you are looking for a calm place to stop in Roma an internal street near the Piazza Bologna square can be a perfect for you. From Piazza Bologna and surroundings it is easy to go to the station by foot. From Via Tiburtina it is rather harder and a bus would be better way.
  • By Car
    • If you drive from Northern Italy on the Highway A1 you should leave highway at "Roma North" tollgate.

    • Coming from South Italy on the same Highway A1 you should leave highway at "Roma Est" tollgate and you will find yourself at the "Grande Raccordo Anulare" - the main beltway linking the highway and the state roads to the center of Roma. The most important are:

    • Via Aurelia (to Pisa and Livorno), Via Cassia (to Viterbo and Siena), Via Flaminia (to Umbria region), Via Appia Nuova (to Ciampino airport) and Via Cristoforo Colombo (to Ostia).
  • By Boat

    Roma is very easy reachable by ferries. You should take a look at timetables in your country which is the better one for you to get to Roma.

  • Metro

    Once being to Roma the most faster way to move in the city it is the Metro - Underground of Rome. The web site is in Italian language but there is a Brochure with a map in English that you could download from the link there!


TravelMapItaly Advices

For seeing better the city you can use one of the two touristic routes in the main center of Christian Rome Open Bus, Roma 110open, Archeobus or some of other open air buses.

In our opinion the most convinient bus is Christian Rome Open Bus - it gives you possibiliy to travel not only with its open air buses but also to use Metro and Bus lines in  the central area of Roma.

For more information See Here.


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Map of Roma


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