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Vittorio Puzzo

"Always in our Mind and Heart"


 "I was touched so much by the incredible story of Vittorio Puzzo that it was impossible not to share with you anything. There are People that the history should remember and be thankful that such people as Vittorio Puzzo still born on the Earth!"

by Mimi, "The World of Mimi - Save the Earth!"

Basic Information:


Who was Vittorio Puzzo?

There are lots of names that could be forgotten if we do not keep them in people's minds. One of those names is the name of Vittorio Puzzo.

Vittorio Puzzo was an young boy scout who probably never consider himself that he is doing something so much important that he will leave for the next generation and for the History of the region of Cavagrande del Cassibile, for Sicily, for Italy. He was a very good boy, always cheerful, full of energy and ready to help his friends and every boy scout, he energizes all others with his enthusiasm and desire to discover more and more.


The Story of Vittorio Puzzo

Since he was very young he showed that he likes nature, archaeological investigations and often went with friends in the mountains nearby Noto, Avola to look for trace of the past. Together with his friends Salvatore Cannarella, Paolo Florio, Franco Accolla, Armando Artale, Ventura, Ettore, ecc. he did lost of investigation and today we owe him a lot of the discoveries in the region of Cavagrande del Cassibile.

But the destiny was not so good to him. At the end of July 1959 he and his friends started for the last journey on his life but still nobody know that it will be the last one for him. Together with Salvatore Cannarella and Armando Artale they started for the new adventure. Seems everything was going well. They have passed difficult forest of ferns and brambles, Caciparis meanders river, Maruzza coast (the Caves of Deri). They were just thinking to have a dinner and then to go back home. Vittorio and Salvatore left Armando to prepare the dinner and they two went to discover the Caves of Deri.

On the way back a mass of brambles prevented them from the passage to reach their friend. And what to do? The best solution was to climb the rocks to avoid the brambles and then to jump down to the path and go to their friend. Salvatore did this first and he managed well. Vittorio did it for the second but slipping suddenly, fell down and pierced between the abdomen and groin with its own weight, the stick was gone deep.

Armando went immediately to look for help. The help came just on the next day. Then in the hospital he fighted for his life a few days but ...


Why we should remember the Story of Vittorio Puzzo?

Because it is something that the future generations should remember. They should know how people before them, full of enthusiasm and energy gave even their own life for this we know now for our past and to save the discoveries for the future generations.

The story you read here is not the full story. But it is better you discover it in original. The story is in Italian language but you can use Google Translate or something else to translate it by your own.


The Story of Vittorio Puzzo was said by his close friend Salvatore Cannarella. You can find there also a beautiful Song-Story about Vittorio Puzzo - Canto per Vito.

Full Story of Vittorio Puzzo


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