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The Story of Romeo and Juliet

About Romeo and Giulietta

Basic Information:


Did Romeo and Juliet really exist?

Why so Verona? Why people are so crazy to visit The House of Giulietta? And moreover also The Tomb of Giulietta?

In all these questions you can find an answer here in The Story of Romeo and Giulietta.


The names of the two fighting families Montecchi and Capuleti were already known in the fourteenth century from the famous comedy by Dante Alighieri "Divine Comedy" (Purgatorio, v. VI. 105-107).

Only Montecchi is originaly from Verona, the Capuleti come from Brescia although there are some of them in Verona until the years of stay of Dante presented in the current home of Juliet where among the other things is seen the crest of the hat on the keystone of the arch of the entrance to the courtyard of the thirteenth. There were no reports of fighting between the Capuleti and Montecchi and the latter brought forward to a long and bloody struggle against the guelfis. The news for Montecchi are coming after they were banished from the city of Cangrande della Scala after they were trying a conspiracy against it. The historical context in Dante does not refer to the vexed vicissitudes of love between lovers of these families but he is speaking about the two families commiserating the families as they were already sad.

Romeo and Juliet (Romeo and Giulietta) (The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet) written by William Shakespeare is one of the most famous, representative and one of the most popular love stories of all times and place.

The famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet was written between 1594 and 1596. The story of the two protagonists during the time has assumed a symbolic value becoming the archetype of perfect love but opposed by the community.

The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet in Verona has even went to some fights because the fantasy mixed the myth and the reality and so that has been recognized several places where you would place the story told by Shakespeare.


The House of Giulietta

The current House of Juliet in Verona is a medieval building located in Via Cappello and it is not so far from the central squire Piazza delle Erbe.

Juliet's House in the fourteenth century became a property of the family Capello and appears to have been a pharmacy still at the end of the fifteenth century.

From the seventeenth to the nineteenth century the house became a hotel with very poor quality. From this period is dated only the gate tower that came from the thirteenth century. Then the house have passed the numerous transformations including other buildings facing the courtyard.

The present appearance of the house and adjoining building (born to host the foyer of the Teatro Nuovo) was modeled between 1937-1940 (under the direction of Antonio Avena) through a series of imaginative restoration commissioned to recreate the ancient setting Medieval, inspired by American film of 1936, itself inspired by the famous nineteenth-century painting of Hayez.

Even The Balcony of Giulietta (the first it was the fence of a tenement house) was the assemblage of marble remains of the fourteenth century that as recently as 1920 laid at the Museum of Castel Vecchio as stones to be re-used according to the architectural fashion of time.

The House of Giulietta is one of the major attractors for tourists in Verona. Such a focus makes it very crowded the courtyard of the house on which moreover have been opened souvenir shops for tourists. The passage which gives access to the yard is completely covered with graffiti and leaflets to theme of love left by visitors.

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The Tomb of Giulietta

The Tomb of Juliet in Verona is another one attraction for the tourists visiting Verona. It is located in an ex monastery of friars capuccini dating from the thirteenth century. Tradition and the fantasy imagination wants it to be the burial place of Giulietta Capuleti - the star of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

The appearance of the place as we see it today dated back to 1937 when the head of Veronese Museums Antonio Avena (who was also busy remaking the style of the house) wanted to look more closely to the expectations of tourists to the place identified as Tomb of Shakespearean heroine Juliet.

Is the Story of Romeo and Juliet goes to nowadays?

Take a look here you will see!


"Juliet" by Anne Fortier

The story of Romeo and Giulietta is still so, so exiting in nowadays and probably it will continue to be so!

Do you wish to know and discover more about Giulietta?

Read what Mimi from the The World of Mimi - Save the Earth! said:


"Every year I going to my native country Bulgaria and I don't miss to buy new books there I am interested to read in my favorite language - Bulgarian. So, also this year I did a tour in the book shops to find something interesting. I already found and get a few interesting books from my favorite authors when in a shop a woman told me:

- Get the book of "Juliet", you will not be sorry to read it!

- Ohh, it is said so much about them, what it is more that I can read in this book? - I was rather unconvinced because I have never heart about this author before, neither for the book.

Although I bought this book and when I started to read it, it was impossible to stop to read it in every single moment I had.

What will you find there?

I will not let you know but the only one thing I can tell you is that you will be surprised from the beginning to the end to read this book and to find Juliet of our days.

It is a book for those who like Romeo and Giulietta, for those who are romantic, for those who like to read modern mysterious adventure novels!

At the end... you will discover them!"


Well Verona or Siena?

Discover it by yourself!


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