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The Legend of the Miramare Castle

(La Leggenda di Castello di Miramare)

Isolated between the sea and the green park the Miramare Castle looks like a haunted castle. And in some sense it is magic but the legend says that a tragic fate persecutes those who live there.

The castle was completed in 1860 by Archduke Maximilian of Habsburg for his young wife married three years earlier (1857).

castello-miramare-03-travelmapitaly.comThe castle had to be their love nest, isolated, happy and far away from the Hapsburg court and its intrigues.

They were hired the best architects and craftsmen furniture to decorate the magnificent interiors of the castle that still can be visited.

They were planted a park of 22 hectares of subtropical trees which have become enormous. The avenues of the park were embellished with sculptures and fountains competed in beauty with those of Versailles.

Unfortunately just after four years Maximilian involved in a matter of the Napoleonic wars ends up becoming emperor in Mexico but he finished shot up there three years later (1867).

The unfortunate monarch was not yet 34 years and it is said that Charlotte his young widow has lost his mind.

From this sad story is born the legend of the curse and it is believed that whoever lives in the Miramare Castle perish prematurely violent death in a foreign land.

It seems that in history the curse has inevitably come to pass ... The Duke Amedeo d'Aosta who lived there died a prisoner of the English.

The German General Friedrich Rainer, who lived during the World War II was shot by partisans.

There are those who believe and who not to curse but it is known for sure that the American General during the Allied Military Government preferred to sleep outside in a tent pitched in front of the Castle and not inside.


Castello di Miramare

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