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The Legend of the White Lady

(La Leggenda della Dama Bianca)

The Legend says:

Once upon a time in the Castle of Duino lived an evil knight who despised his wife who was very kind and virtuous lady. Although she loved him so much that forgive him all the offenses and she was hoping to soften his heart with loving words.

But the man was annoyed by the attitude of his wife and he had devised a plan to kill her. One evening drew on a rock close under the walls of the castle to pushed her into the sea.

castello-duino-01-travelmapitaly.comStunned the lady turned his eyes to heaven and asking for help. A muffled cry just came out of his mouth and it was interrupted: in his great sorrow she had been petrified.

From that day the spirits of the White Lady is detached from the rock and starts to wander. Three times he appears and disappears in the dark of many rooms of the castle. Go through the locked doors, wandering from room to room until she find the cradle in which her son once slept. There the White Lady stays in a profound silence until the dawn when abandoned that cradle she returns to his rock where the pain transforms her back into a stone.

Others tell of a Roman candle that is in a castle hall every night burns and crosses the salons until the doors open by themselves.

It is the White Lady, owner of the Castle, invisible, wandering desperately through the castle.


Castello di Duino

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