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The Legend of The Geese of Campidoglio


orvieto-stemma-travelmapitaly.comThe Gauls were able to besiege the city.

The defenders were soon starving. Several times looking at the sacred Geese that lived up there in the temple of Giunone had thought that with the Geese they could appease the torments of the long fast. But the Geese were sacred to the goddess and killing them would be a sacrilege.

One night a brave soldier, Marcus Manlius who was sleeping at the temple of Giunone heard a strange ringing noise that woke him suddenly. Quickly he grabbed his sword and jumped up. Soon he realized that the Geese were honking.

Manlius ran to the walls of the fortress looked down... and found himself face to face with a cock of Gauls.

The enemy attempted an assault and at that moment in fact a group of them was pushed over the railing to enter the fortress.

In an instant Manlio grabbed the outstretched arm of the first Gaul, he pulled his fingers from the railing and threw him down the fortress.

He began to shout and clamor of the Geese grew ... and grew ....

In a few minutes all the soldiers awoke and got their weapons ready to defend.

Screaming the heroic defenders has ran on the fortress walls. The surprise of the Gauls failed. In a short time the Gauls were defeated and driven back down.


The Symbols of Orvieto, Umbria

According to a decree of 1928 the emblem of the city of Orvieto consists of a shield divided into four surmounted by a crown. The four divisions are represented four symbols: the Cross, the Eagle, the Lion and the Goose.

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