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Natural Marina Reserve Miramare

castello-miramare-02-travelmapitaly.comAbout Marina Reserve Miramare

Basic Information:


The Marina Reserve of Miramare is established in 1986 by decree of the Ministry of the Environment entrusted the management of the Italian Association for the WWF. The State Reserve covers an area of ​​30 hectares and is surrounded by a sea area of 90 hectares regulated by the Ordinance of the Harbour.

The protected area is surrounded and partially protected by so called "Buffer" (established by Ordinance of the Port of Trieste). This second area of 90 hectares in extent, is further protected belt of 400 meters wide, where it is not allowed fishing.

The protected area is situated at the foot of the promontory of Miramare, wedged between the coastal foothills of Grignano marina and the coast of Barcola, summer beach destination of the premises. The environment in which it is located is a real sea-coast rocky coast and in the portion which slopes down into rocks, pebbles and mud formations as they goes from one coast to the sea. The seabed is rocky, stony and sandy to the depth of 8 meters and consist of mud, the maximum depth is 18 meters. The coast has the typical limestone karst the territory of which the promontory of Miramare is a small extension of the shoreline.


Opening Hours

For visits take a look at "Informazioni" in the site of Natural Marina Reserve Miramare.



Viale Miramare, 349,

34014 Grignano,

Trieste, Italy

☎ +0039 040 22 41 47

Natural Marina Reserve Miramare

email: , Italy


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