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The Battle Of Flour, Bruino

Where is Bruino?

Basic Information:


Bruino is a small town that makes a part of the big conglomerate of Torino. Оn first sight it is not so important town and does not have something special to see there. Although Bruino has an old history and the first Lombard settlements are coming from the VII century. In 1815 Bruino also become a part of the Sardegna Kingdom together with all Piemonte under the rules of Savoy's. In our days Bruino is a small quite town in the surroundings of Torino and just down the higher Alps.


What to see in Bruino?


There are many local feasts in Bruino and usually they starts in early Spring and continuous to November 11, when it is the Patron Feast of San Martino.

There is an interesting painting the wall of a house in the main center of Bruino. It is a reproduction of San Martino. It is in front of the wall of the castle of Bruino. It was created by the painter Morgari in 1933. Location: Via Orbassano 10.


In the main center of Bruino you will find also Castello di Bruino. The Castle Melines in Bruino is a massive building probably of the sixteenth century, complete with a magnificent park. The name of the park is coming from the Flemish origin family, who held the castle for several generations. It is located in the main center of the town hall square. Today the main part of the Castle is turned into one of the most good restaurant in the area there, Called Castello, where you can have very delicious and typical Italian Pizza.


The Battle Of Flour or La Battaglia Della Farina

The Battle Of Flour (La Battaglia Della Farina in Italian) is most desired feast from the young people in Bruino. The Carnival in Bruino is celebrating with The Battle Of Flour. It is a tradition since 1982.

Every small fraction of the town of Bruino is preparing his own Chariot, decorated with the colors of the fraction and the flags. Usually every car is accompanied by 30-40 young boys and some girls who are not afraid to enter into this dusty battle. Every car had at about 1500 soft paper bombs, full with flour and confetti, and for sure they are too much.

The Major of Bruino gives the start of the Carnival Chariots Parade from the center of the town. He makes also a part of the battle all the long way on the streets of Bruino. At the begging of the Chariots Parade are the King and Queen of the Parade called Moscha and Moschone (Masca e Mascun in Piemontese), which means Witch and the Shaman in English. The King and the Queen got these names because many years ago when Bruino still was a small village it was called Country of the Flies. Moscha and Moschone are accompanied by the other "noble" people of Bruino, dressed with special Mediovale cloths.

During the long way on the streets of Bruino there are some points there where held fights with the soft paper bombs. The fights are going into the opposing teams. Everyone is white and sometimes you cannot see anything there.

At the end the Chariots Parade goes to the big square in the center. It starts the Big Battle of Flour! Everybody against everybody! In at about 20 minutes all the rest soft paper bombs are finishing... For sure, it is truly stopping you breath!


A small video from the final Battle of Flour you can see here:



TravelMapItaly Advices

Everybody who wish can make a part of this Battle of Flour. It is not paid as some other Battles like the one in Ivrea, Piedmont (The Battle of Oranges).

  • If you go there better to have some special or old cloths for the battle.
  • Protect your eyes from the dusty all around.
  • Don't go there with your small kids.
  • Of course be very careful with your video or photo camera.
  • Even if you goes there only to observe the Battle of Flour be sure you will become all white in Flower, so make some cautious.


How to go to Bruino?

See how to reach the region city of Piedmont, Torino. Bruino is at about 20 km far from the main center of Torino. There is a bus every hour starts from Corso Turati, Torino. The other way is to get a taxi form Torino.


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Map of Bruino


Random Pictures of The Battle of Flour in Bruino