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Insalata di Riso (Rice Salad)
A Typical Summer Dish


Where to find Insalata di Riso?

Basic Information:


Insalata di Riso

The Rice Salad can be considered the most classic summer recipe in Italy. it is easy and quick to prepare, can be seasoned and flavored using different ingredients. Colorful, nutritious and above all fresh. The rice salad can bring a breath of comfort and joy on the table.

The Italian Rice Salad (Insalata di Riso) is consumed cold, having stayed at least a little in the fridge and it was cooled well. In Italy you can always find it on the lunch menu especially during summer. If you happen to travel around Italy may try it in the small locals for workers around at lunch and not only. In many places there is something like a lunch buffet where you pay for a dish and you can try different dishes, including this salad, but also many other things like vegetables - cooked or baked in a special sauce.

The Classic Rice Salad consists of rice (300g), tomatoes (100g), olives (50g), peas (100g), tuna/wurstel (100g), Swiss cheese (100g), cucumbers (100g) and peppers (100g) in oil, chives (10g).


Before to Start to prepare Rice Salad

Never mind if you are not able to find all the products you need to prepare Rice Salad!

However you can use the same products of Insalata di Riso you can find in the two recipes here, to include more or less products, more or less quantity of the products. The main products that you should not miss are Rice, garden salad or other vegitables in vinegar or oil, some cheese.



Here you will find a rich with products recipe of Insalata di Riso by Mimi made with products you usually easily can find in the supermarkets in Europe. Mimi prefers to put more vegetables in the salad conduced in vinegar than in oil. It is a kind of the light Rice salad. The salad is enough good also without tuna or wurstel but if you like them you can add them (better not to use both together).



- 330 grams (g) of milled (parboiled) rice

- 1 jar of garden salad - 1 x 280 (170) g

- 1 small jar of onions in vinegar - 1 x 340 (220) g

- 1 can peas - 1 x 410 (270) g

- 2 small cans corn - 2 x 160 (140) g

- 1 jar of cucumber in vinegar - 1 x 180 (100) g

- 1 small packet of green olives in natural sauce - 1 x 185 (85) g

- 5-boiled eggs, possibly from domestic chicken (boiled for 8 min)

- Groviera Cheese - 100 g (or 10 thin slices of cheese, these for sandwich)

- Tuna (Wurstel) - 100 g - optional



The Garden Salad could contains many different kind of vegitables as carrots, peppers, celery, mushrooms, onions, cucumbers, corn and so on. So if you put enough of them you can exclude the other vegetables shown here.


How to prepare Insalata di Riso?

    • Boil the rice for about 10 minutes or enough to become slightly soften and not crunches. Immediately remove from heat and thoroughly wash it several times with a cold water until cool it well. Remove the water from the rice and dry it very well.
    • In a large bowl place put the rice and start adding all the other products, well drained from the sauce - onions, peas, corn.
    • Some products such as cucumbers, olives, garden salad, eggs and cheese should be cut into small squares no bigger than a grain of maize (of course they can be cut in big peaces). If you wish to try something new you can cut these products into thin long strips. You can start to cut and prepare all these products while you boil rice.


Once all products are chopped and added to the other products, mix well with a large spoon, close good the container in which the Rice Salad will be stored and put into the cool fridge.



    • You should have Insalata di Riso cool or at room temperature, not chilled and fresh from the fridge, leave for a while outside the fridge before to put on the table.
    • The Italian Rice Salad (Insalata di Riso) is consumed as an appetizer or alone meal and should be well combined with chilled white wine!
    • Enjoy your meal!

TravelMapItaly Advices (Tips)

    • Note that the quantity of finished salad is more than enough even for 8 people, so you can reduce the product as you prefer,
    • Do not worry if you cannot get exactly the same amount of products, it will not make a big difference,
    • If you cannot find some products or some of them you don't like, then you can also turn off them from the salad, but not the rice and garden salad!
    • If you have a home prepared garden salad in natural salad dressing, you can use it,
    • As the garden salad, and all other products that you bought from the supermarket are good to be prepared in natural sauce (in vinegar, salt and water). If you use products prepared in oil then the Rice Salad becomes harder to eat,
    • Before adding all products from the jars and boxes, dry well from their natural sauce!
    • Corn and peas should be type Bonduelle, ready to eat.
    • Rice, if you find in the supermarkets a Rice for Rice Salad it is better, if not you should use parboiled (milled rice) that should not be dissolved while boiling,
    • The weight of products you see here indicate the gross and the net grams of the products,
    • Tuna from a box is an optional and you can add it to the total quantity of prepared salad, but if someone does not like it you can add it later in your dish.

Variety of Insalata di Riso

    • You can find many different types of Recipes of Insalata di Riso, with chicken, chicken and melon, with chicken and celery, with chicken wings, with rice and vegitables. You can try every kind you wish.
    • Remember only one thing, every kind of salad, prepare with some kind of meat or vegetables under oil makes the salad more heavy to eat.
    • It is always your choice and Good luck!

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