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La Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino

(Crostolo di Urbania)

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La Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino

Story and Legend of Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino

The Story:

The rusty Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino was made and cooked by hand already in the fifteenth and sixteenth century for the Dukes of Montefeltro.

The tradition handed down from generation to generation and wants La Crescia Sfogliata to be made ​​from the selected fresh raw materials such as flour, eggs and lard that are mixed with the addition of salt and pepper, milk or water until getting the soft paste, then portioned and spread in thin sheets. The process continues with the hand-writing of lard, rolling up the sheets and forming "balls" which are flattened to form like a disk.

La Crescia Sfogliata:

La Crescia is cooked on hot plates by hand one by one to follow the cooking and to maintain the fragrance and then to be cooled and packaged in a protective atmosphere.

To receive the best result and rediscover the flavors and smells of the past it is advisable to heat the "Crescia Sfogliata" on a non-stick pan, on a plate or on the characteristic "panaro" crock for about two minutes of turning it over several times, its features sheets are a perfect marriage with meats, cheeses and in the area of Montefeltro it is also proposed with truffle omelet or cooked with vegetables in the field.

The Legend said:

The sun, seduced by the beauty of Urbino, one day he flew so low as to become entangled in one of the turrets of the Ducal Palace. It had the fiery form of the star and the drops of gold that fell as he tried to free himself. This inspired a young woman baker called the Fornarina to prepare a cake pastry (Focaccia Sfogliata).

This cake for the slight rise and the desire to fly high was called "Crescia".


It is said that every family has its own recipe for La Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino. It is even called also Crostolo di Urbania in the area of Montefeltro. Although it is always a thin flatbread prepared with eggs.

It is hard to find a complete recipe of Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino in internet even though that you will find really many of them. So from the good cook experience and all information found in internet here is the recipe of Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino. Then take a look at the video to see how it should be prepared.


1 kg flour 00

5 eggs (usually 1 egg every 100g of flour, but no more of 5 eggs; somebody put only 1 egg)

2 spoons of extra virgin olive oil

1 spoon of lard

milk (enough to make a soft paste) (or cold water)


pepper (only if you like it)

Preparation of the pastry:

Sift the flour, add a pinch of salt (to taste you can also put a pinch of pepper), put the eggs, milk (or water) in the center and begin to work until the pastry become smooth and elastic (depending on the size of the eggs you can add one or two tablespoons of water or flour). Let the mixture stand for several minutes.

Meanwhile you can work the lard (use 3-4 full tablespoons) in a bowl to make it soft.

Roll out the dough with a rolling pin until you get a thin rectangular sheet (can use a layer of about 50x60cm).

Entirely cover the dough with a thin layer of lard: you can use a long blade but the back of a spoon or your fingers are fine.

The principle is more or less like the one of the puff pastry: placing a layer of fat between two layers of pasta, cooking, they are detached and "shuffling".

The layer of lard should be rather thin, otherwise La Crescia remains heavy.

Begin to roll the pastry (the longest side) until you get a long cord. Cut the cord gently for 6-8 cm long cylinder. Do not press too hard otherwise it comes out the lard.

Place in refrigerator for at least an hour until the lard become hard.

Take a cylinder at a time and begin to spread it with a rolling pin until you get a disk of thin sheet.

To cook La Crescia you can use a plate (the Best results), a pan, a cast iron plate. La Crescia should be cooked on he both 2 sides. Somebody said to cook half of the time La Crescia on a plate and then to complete the cooking on a grill for letting the excess fat.

Put the pot on the fire chosen, heat well and then put La Crescia, after a couple of minutes turn, put the filling on one half chosen and after about a minute fold half of the non-stuffed stuffed, wait another minute and remove La Crescia.

To have the better results of well prepared and cooked La Crescia when you prepare a disk of Crescia prepare all of them and left them to rise while you prepare you fireplace to cook. Then cook from the first one to the last one that you already prepared.

For the filling you can obviously choose the one you prefer, the ideal would be that there were small pieces of cheese that melts when heated.

You can also fill with a sweet filling such as dark chocolate chips (if you expect this solution, do not put pepper in the dough).

Cooking times are approximate and depends on the pot and the liveliness of the fire but just use the first La Crescia as a reference model for later.

Crostolo di Urbania

If you already read the recipe and TravelMapItaly Advices how to prepare La Crescia Sfogliata di Urbino now take a look at this video.



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