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About Pompei

Basic Information:

  • City: Pompei
  • Region: Campania
  • Province: Napoli
  • Zona: South Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea
  • Coordinates: 40°45′N 14°30′E
  • Surface: 12,4 km²
  • Population: 25 620 (by 31/12/2010)
  • Patron Saint: Beata Vergine del Rosario
  • Saint Day: 8 May
  • Web site: Official Web Site


The City of Pompei has ancient origins as old as those of Rome and in fact Pompei gens was descended from an early Italic peoples called Osci (Oscans). Only after the mid-seventh century B.C. a primitive settlement was established at the future of Pompei at the foot of Vesuvius, maybe it was not a real town but more likely a small cluster around the trading center who saw the intersection of three major streets modeled in full historical period by the way from Cumae, Nola and Castellammare.

In our days Pompei is a small city in the province of Napoli (Naples), region of Campania in South Italy and it is world famous for its ancient Roman ruins.


What to see in Pompei?

The city of Pompei

In the autumn of 79 A.D. - the year of the reign of Emperor Tito (Cassio Dione V) Pompei was the victim of a violent eruption of Vesuvius. The city was flooded by a rain of ash and small peaces of rocks (not lava as is often written) that unless an interval of several hours fell to form a continuous layer of over three meters. At the moment of eruption in 79 A.D. many buildings were being under rebuilt because of an earthquake that occurred a few days before the earthquake and not in 62 A.D. as it was believed.

The date of this eruption is known to us by the letter of Plinio the Younger and should correspond to 24 August. However not all scientists are agree. In the solidified ash were found so called empty bodies of the victims that were filled with casting plaster (or other) and this fact provides us the exact time of the eruption.

More History of Pompei


How to go to Pompei?

Pompei is situated very close to the center city of region Campania, Napoli. You can easily reach Pompei with all kind of transport you wish. So why to go to Pompei take a look on the page of Napoli how to go there first.

    • By Train

Pompei is reachable from both of the direction of Napoli and Sorrento. Check in the timetable of Circumvesuviana Ferrovia and Funevia.

For more information how to go there with a train visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Bus

You can reach Pompei from Napoli with SITA bus. The prize is the same.

    • By Car

Of course the most comfortable for you way is to reach Pompei by car.


    • By Boat

If you go to Napoli by boat check for Hydrofoil that travels around the Bay of Naples to Capri, Sorrento and Pompei. Check on the page of Napoli how to go to Pompei by Hydrofoils.


    • Go Around

The excavation site of Pompei is an Open-Air Museum so why you can go there only by walk. Ask for map of the site there if you wish to see more of it.


TravelMapItaly Advices

It is recommended to buy an Campania ArteCard which you can use in numerous sites in the region if you are planning to be in Campania for several days.


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Map of Pompei


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