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Santa Maria dell'Isola

Sanctuary of Santa Maria dell'Isola is a picturesque small monastery landed on the top of a hill just on the beach of Tropea in Calabria, Italy.

About Santa Maria dell'Isola

Basic Information:

  • City: Tropea
  • Region: Calabria
  • Province: Vibo Valentia
  • Zona: South Italy


Santa Maria dell'Isola in Tropea is certainly the most attractive and interesting place to see in Tropea both that it is situated on the top of the small hill just on the beach of Tropea and moreover it is a holy place for pilgrims.

It is not known exactly when this monastery was build but it is know that Byzantine administration placed here its monks to control better the surrounding territory. When the Normans came here Tropea in 1100 started Latinization. The cult for Santa Maria dell'Isola healer practiced here spread among the rural population of the whole western Poro and along with that of Santa Maria de Latinis was opposed to the Madonna of the followers of the rite Greek: Our Lady of Romania.

During the years the look of the Church was always changed thanks to the earthquakes and the raids by Turkish interventions that completely changed the original appearance, and his early Byzantine form is recording a longitudinal central plan with the addition of three small aisles. In XIV century it was added the relief of Christ between Saints and the tombstone with the Gothic lines by the Master of Miletus - a monk of Byzantine Empire.

The current facade of the monastery is dated after the earthquake of 1905 and is the work of the local workers of the diocese of Montecassino. Still are visible between the remains the primitive temple medieval walls.

The church is a place of pilgrimage on August 15 - Assumption of Mary (with a procession to the sea) and on 8 September - Nativity of Mary. Inside the vault there is a painting of St. Family and also a group of statues in the altar.


Opening Hours

From Monday to Sunday:

From 09.00 to 12.30

From 15.30 to 19.30



Tropea 89861, Italy



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Map of Santa Maria dell'Isola


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