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Tropea - known as the Port of Hercules in the Roman Times today is one of the smallest cities in Italy.

About Tropea

Basic Information:

  • City: Tropea
  • Region: Calabria
  • Province: Vibo Valentia
  • Zona: South Italy
  • Coordinates: 38°41′0″N 15°54′0″E
  • Surface: 3,59 km²
  • Population: 6 680 (by 30/06/2011)
  • Patron Saint: St. Madonna of Romania and Santa Domenica
  • Saint Day: 27 March
  • Web site: Official Web Site


Tropea is one of the smallest cities in Italy with its 3,59 km² surface and only 6 680 citizens.

There are documents speaking about that the city of Tropea existed in the Roman Empire times.

The story begins when along the coast Pompeo VI defeated Cesare Ottaviano. To the south of Tropea the Romans had built a trading port near St. Domenica, at Formicoli (corruption of Forum of Hercules) spoken by Plinio and Strabone.

It is said that the founder was Hercules returning from Spain (Pillars of Hercules) stood on the Coast of Gods and according to this legend Tropea became one of the ports of Hercules.

Due to its characteristic position terraced on the sea Tropea played an important role both in Roman times and under the Normans and the Aragoneses. In the surrounding areas have been found in the tombs remains with Magna-Greece origin.

In our days Tropea is a preferred place for holidays in the Summer. You can find both large beaches and rocks going in the sea.


What to see in ?

Santa Maria dell'Isola

Santa Maria dell'Isola in Tropea is certainly the most attractive and interesting place to see in Tropea both that it is situated on the top of the small hill just on the beach of Tropea and moreover it is a holy place for pilgrims.

More info

See also:

    • To have a walk in the Historical Part of the Old Town with its palaces of the '700 and '800 perched on a cliff overlooking the beach below. Take a look at the "portals" of the buildings, especially those of the noble families equipped with large tanks dug into the rock which were used to collect the grain from the Monte Poro and then were loaded with clay carried on ships that were moored in the cliff of Tropea.
    • Go to visit also the Private Museum of the Ancient Crafts of Calabria and automatic machines.
    • Tropea shops are selling lots of typical local delicious products. Of great importance also are the local crafts such as handmade pottery.
    • Tropea has a newly built marina where you can go to reach the Aeolian Islands in particular the Stromboli Volcano that almost always is visible from the southern Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria.


How to go to ?

    • By Air

The most close to Tropea in only 55 km is the Airport of Lamezia Terme. Check in the nearest to you airport for the connections. From the airport you can hire a car to go to Tropea or to get a taxi.

For more information visit the Airport Lamezia Terme web site.


    • By Train

Tropea is on the line of trains from Napoli to Reggio di Calabria. If you get the train to go to Tropea make first sure that your train stops there because not all of them stops in Tropea. In this case you should get the train from Lamezia Terme.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

Reach Calabria via Highway A3 and know that Tropea is not so close to the highway. But this will be a good case for you to travel in the country of Calabria. Coming from the north you should leave the Highway A3 in the exit for Pizzo or if you come from the south you should leave highway in the exit Rosarno, then you simply should follow the indications for Tropea or to use your own navigator.

The better way to go and see Italy is always by car. But you should know that there are very small and narrow streets in the Historical center of Tropea that will be not so easy to find parking in the main center during the holidays months. If you book a hotel in the Historical center you could ask for a permission to park there but it is not sure you can find easy parking. If you go to visit the city early in the morning from the other parts of the region probably you can find parking but if not you should leave your car far from the center.


    • Go Around

The better way to see one place is always by walking so you can really enjoy on this way to visit the city of Tropea.


Curiosity and Foods

Tropea shops sell lots of products and crafts typical of surrounding municipalities, including the red onion, nduja (spicy salami) of Spilsby, cheese Pecorino del Poro (sheep cheese), Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Wines. Of great importance also are the local crafts such as handmade pottery.

One of the things that Tropea is famous with is the Red Onion of Tropea that is producing in this area. In some Ice Cream shops in the city you can find Red Onion Ice Cream (as well as others based on squid ink and nduja - the local spicy salami).

Calabria in general is famous with its Peperoncino. You can find it also here. But if you are not used to have Peperoncino it is advised not to try. Because not only your mouth will burn but also your eyes will cry!


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Map of Tropea


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