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About Metaponto

Basic Information:


Metaponto (Metapontion, Metapontum) is a fraction of Bernalda in the province of Matera. It has only at about 1000 inhabitants which increase during the summer season. It rises in the plain where the city gives the same name Metaponto between the rivers Bradano and Basento and is one of the most important seaside resorts on the Ionian coast of Basilicata. Until 1930 when it was acquired by Bernalda, Metaponto and the surrounding territory belonged to the municipality of Pisticci.

Metaponto was founded by Greek colonists of Achaia in the second half of the seventh century B.C. at the request of the colonial tucked directly from the mother country by Sibari to protect the expansion of Taranto. Very soon became one of the leading cities of Magna Graecia.

Ancient Sources reported that Metaponto was founded by the Greek Nestor return from the Trojan War and that there were two Metaponto, one dating from precisely at that time and another one Achaean dated from historical age.

Now the ancient Greek city is a thriving seaside resort in the summer and a good destination for tourists.

In fact in its territory there are more than twenty of campsites and resorts, a dozen hotels and especially the long beach is dotted with beaches that attract tourism to both day and evening with open-air discos.

Note: It is rather unknown that all along the beach it is an Natural Reserve area and a good place to walk and rest under the shadows.


What to see in Maratea?

National Archaeological Museum

The National Archaeological Museum of Metaponto, Basilicata houses major finds in the territory surrounding the ancient Metaponto and some finds from the nearby area of the archaeological sites of Pisticci.

In the museum can be observed finds into 4 rooms: the prehistoric, Greek colonization in the eighth century BC and VII century BC, integration between Greek and indigenous, and from the Roman times.

The exhibition consists a number of prehistoric items discovered in the grave goods and furnishings among which jewelery and bronze with ivory high quality. The major finds came from the Greek period of Pisticci with bowls, cups and decorated pottery among which the censer with trees decorated with animals and mythological scenes. The other finds are dated from the temples of Metaponto with many painted vases and bowls.

Hellenistic pottery gray are dated from the Roman times, sealed from the Roman, African and the end of Asia Empire.


Opening Hours

On Monday: 14,00 - 20,00

From Tuesday - to Sunday: 9,00 - 20,00



Bernalda (Matera), Italy

Via Aristea, 21

località Metaponto

☎ +39 0835 74 53 27


How to go to ?

    • By Air

The regional airport of Basilicata that can be used to go to Metaponto is the one in Bari.

For more information visit the Bari Airport web site.

Being close to it the Airport of Taranto (Puglia) is a good way to go to Metaponto.


    • By Train

Metaponto is on the line Taranto - Corigliano Calabro and as it is close to Taranto it is a good way to reach it by train from there.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

It is preferred to visit Basilicata by car but you should know that in this region of Italy there are not almost any highways and you must be very patient to drive there.

Arriving from Napoli, Salerno, Potenza you should continue down to the sea via E847 that finishes in Metaponto (under exit Basentana).

From Bari you can get Highway A14 and go to Palagiano and down to the sea via SS106dir. Then you should get E90 that comes from Taranto and go to Metaponto that is not so far from there (exit Metaponto).


    • Go Around

More interesting for a walk is the area that is also a Natural Reserve all along the sea.


TravelMapItaly Advices

The preferred and adventurous way to visit all South Italy is to go there by car. Only on this way you will appreciate the beauty of the country. be very patience driving with your car if you go to visit this region of Italy by car.


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Map of Metaponto


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