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Christ the Redeemer

About Christ the Redeemer

Basic Information:

  • Town: Maratea
  • Region: Basilicata
  • Province: Potenza
  • Zona: South Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea


The Statue of the Redeemer or Christ the Redeemer is a colossal sculpture placed on top of Mount San Biagio (Saint Blaise) above the town of Maratea.

It was made with a special mixture of cement mixed with flakes of Carrara marble by the Florentine artist Bruno Innocenti between 1963 and 1965. With its 22 meters height it ranks third among the sculptures dedicated to Christ in Europe and seventh in the world.

The statue is situated on the rocky summit of Mount San Biagio the ruins of the ancient town of Maratea now uninhabited. In 1806 the citadel was attacked by a contingent of five hundred French soldiers and in 1907 citizens wished to commemorate the event with the erection of a wrought iron cross placed on the highest point of the mount. This cross was then continually reset each time the lightning knocked down.

Once completed the statue there was no ceremony to inaugurate the great statue. After the municipal elections of 1964 which saw opposing two lists one very close to the interests of rivets and other popular mold of opposite sign and the victory of the latter, between the ruling class of Maratea and the contractor from Piedmont established a climate of coldness and hostility which led to the failure of the other opening ceremony of the monument.


Curiosity: Innocent and the Christ the Redeemer

According to a testimony written and left by Bruno Innocenti:

"The statue means the rebirth, a new hope indicated to us by the Risen Christ. The meeting point of our best aspirations and his divinely returning, with hands open to the heaven and a look toward to us. The Redeemer with the sweeping gesture to heaven and gaze to the faithful present in the unknown moment of their existence is linked to the Heavenly Father in the blessing that is being imparted, while once again puts his foot on this land was a spectator of his crucifixion. But by virtue of his infinite capacity for forgiveness, nothing shines the tragedy experienced. Now it is serenity, a hope, forgiveness bright and comforting to come to us: a young Jesus, timeless world from every ephemeral earthly appearance. Divinely incarnated again as the symbol of the second part of the Holy Trinity, the Human and the Divine no longer contaminated by man."

Innocenti wrote of wanting the symbolism of the work was "content as possible and essential because of the the size of the statue, I think would be counterproductive attitudes and details that had attracted a really small change, contingent, minutely real. The statue will rise yeast on top of Mount St. Biagio impressive but decent not as a scream from the sea into the valleys but as a calm appeal to receive and collect, to strengthen the hope."


Opening Hours

It is one open air so you can visit it 24 hours of 24 hours.



Maratea (PT), Italy

The Top of Mount San Biagio (Saint Blaise),


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