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Tirino River

If you like scuba diving Lago di Capo d'Acqua (Capo d'Acqua Lake) is waiting for you to be discovered. Then you can canoeing, birth watching, walking or relax all along the Tirino River - the most crystal river in Italy.


About Tirino River

Basic Information:

  • Location: Tirino River
  • Village: Capestrano
  • Region: Abruzzo
  • Province: L'Aquila
  • Zona: Central Italy

Just down the small village of Capestrano startsTirino River that is fed by three sources: Capo d'Acqua Lake, Presciano and the Small Lake under Capestrano. The water comes mainly from Capo d'Acqua Lake while the other two are almost stopped.

The name of the river comes from the greek "tritano" and it means precisely threefold source. The Valle where the river flows is also called Tritana Valley or Trita Valley.

The river flows for 25 km in the fertile valley Tritana with a water flow of 6000 liters per second between the provinces of L'Aquila (Ofena, Capestrano) and Pescara (Bussi sul Tirino) before it joins to the Aterno-Pescara River. Its waters are crystal clear and clean, ideal for trout and other fish species. Close to the banks or swampy can be seen wading birds and waterfowl. Instead the nearest forests and the slopes of the mountains are rich of wildlife.

The Tirino River is a great place for canoeing, bird watching, walking or simply relax.


Opening Hours

As it is one open air place it is opened 24 hours of 24.



Village of Capestrano and down following the Tirino River,



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Map of Tirino River


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