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Lago di Capo d'Acqua a Capestrano

If you like scuba diving Lago di Capo d'Acqua (Capo d'Acqua Lake) is waiting for you to be discovered. Then you can canoeing, birth watching, walking or relax all along the Tirino River - the most crystal river in Italy.

capo-dacqua-02-travelmapitaly.comAbout Lago di Capo d'Acqua a Capestrano

Basic Information:

  • Location: Lago di Capo d'Acqua
  • Village: Capestrano
  • Region: Abruzzo
  • Province: L'Aquila
  • Zona: Central Italy


Capo D'Acqua Lake is a lake of private property within the National Park of Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga. It is a lake of spring water that was born in the '60 for irrigation of the surrounding fields. Thanks to the natural spring waters the lake offers excellent visibility and a unique lake flora.

capo-dacqua-03-travelmapitaly.comIn the vicinity of these watercourses have been constructed roughly in the Middle Ages two Mills and small paint factory. Today the building of the paint factory is still visible on the surface, while the two mills are submerged.

The first is that in the worst condition but it still shows the blades that operated the mill, it has not inconsiderable charm.

The second is more beautiful and charming with other underwater environments. The both of them can be visited.

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Capodacua, Capestrano, AQ, Italy


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Map of Lago di Capo d'Acqua


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