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Venezia (Venice)

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Basic Information:

  • City: Venezia
  • Region: Veneto
  • Province: Venezia
  • Zona: North-East Italy
  • Coordinates: 45°26'23?N 12°19'55?E
  • Surface: 414,5 km ²
  • Population: 270 772 (by 31/05/2011)
  • Patron Saint: St. Mark the Evangelist
  • Saint Day: 25 April
  • Web site: Official Web Site


Venezia (Venice) - one of The Most Beautiful city of the world, the City of the Chanels, the Alive City on the Water, the City of Love! Maybe there are many, many ways to describe it and I am sure almost everybody on the world have heard about Venice. If you are looking where to spend your Honeymoon for sure Venezia is the right place for it. You should start for Venice even without knowing anything about it and you will be very surprised to discover it for yourself. But don't limit yourself to visit only the most touristic places, you must visit also the small hidden part of the city to feel it better!

Venice rises above the sea level, in the middle of the Venice lagoon on the total of 118 islands with a covered stone piles and that has allowed urbanization. Some of these islands are grouped into sets organic to each other while others are rather more dispersed.

Situated on the Sea level the city of Venice is often threatened by flooding the streets and base floor houses and building, especially during the periods of rainfall and strong wind.

The historic part of city is placed at the center of the lagoon into six districts: Dorsoduro, Santa Croce, San Polo, San Marco, Cannaregio and Castello. The districts of the ancient city are built around the double bend of the Canal Grande - the main waterway which runs a network of approximately 158 smaller canals.

TravelMapItaly Advices

Before to go and visit Venice look for information and the pictures by Canaletto to see. You will be nicely surprised to discover that even more than 300 y.a. the city of Venezia was looking on the way you will find it now!


What to see in Venice (Venezia)?


How to go to Venice (Venezia)?

Venice lies in the Venezia Lagoon and its situation makes it to be reachable with all different kind of transports.

Venezia (Venice) is very easy reachable by Car, by Train, by Bus, by Boat or by Airplane.

  • By Air

The nearest Airport you can use to go to Venice is Marco Polo Airport. It is a small airport but its nearest to city makes it easy to reach Venezia fast. You can take Vaporetto (Water Taxi) by the Alilaguna motor or a bus from the airport to the city.

For more information visit the Marco Polo Venice Airport web site.

  • By Train

Venice is very easy reachable by Train from all Italy and from abroad. The Railway Station is just at the beginning of Venezia, nearby Piazzale Roma when you go to visit the city. You will arrive at Santa Lucia Railway Station, a large building located at the beginning of the Grand Canal in the Santa Croce area of the city. Then you have two choices to go in the city: by walking down the Strada Nuova or by taking the Vaporetto (Water Bus) from one of the jetties that are on the opposite side of the station.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.

  • By Car

The better way to go and visit one place everywhere is to go by yourself and more by your own car. So you are free to organize your trip as you wish and you could visit and see much more places on the opposite when you are in one organized trip.

Venezia is very easy reachable from all parts of Italy and abroad. Just outside the Mestre - the nearest city to Venice is passing the Highway A4 that connect Venezia with the West and South part of Italy and with the North and all East Europe. But you should be prepared and know that you must leave your car in the Parkings in Isola di Tronchetto on the right side just at the beginning of Venice. Take in consideration that the parking is rather expensive.

  • By Bus

There is a direct bus between Marco Polo Airport Venice and the Piazzale Roma, on the west bank of Venice operated by ATVO. Then from Piazzale Roma you can take Vaporetto (Water taxi) and to go everywhere in the city or simply to walk as it is advised. From Mestre you can take a bus to Piazzale Roma in Venezia. You can buy bus tickets from specialized ticket kiosks and vending machines, as well as tobacconists and newsstands or in the hotel you are in. All of the city of Mestre is connected to Venice by bus.

For more information visit the ATVO.

  • By Boat

If you decide to go to Venice by Boat or Ships you should know that they arrives at the Stazione Marittima which is on the west end of the main islands, it is well served by Vaporetto (Water Taxi). If you are using Ferries from Greek find your nearest Harbor and check for your Ferry to Venice.


How to move in Venice (Venezia) – Transports?

  • Venice Vaporetto (or Water Taxi)

Venice is unique world's only pedestrian city, you can easy visit it simply by walking or to use  Vaporetto (or Water Taxi) of Venezia. It is impossible to go in the city of Venice by any cars! Of course the better way to see the city is by foot but at least once you should take Vaporetto or Gondola to see the hidden beauty of the city. Vaporetto takes visitors along the Canal Grande and main canals to the islands and all around the lagoon. Take in consideration that often Vaporetto is crowded especially in the holidays days. But on the other side Vaporetto is the less expensive way to get around the city if you don't prefer walking.

For more information visit the Actv.

  • Gondola Rides

The most romantic way to see the beauty side of the channels of Venice is to take a Gondola. But keep in mind also that this is the most expensive way to travel via channels. The standard Gondola ride is usually 40 minutes and you can take it from 1 to 6 people in Gondola. During the nights the costs are even much more higher. If you book your Gondola in the hotel or agency the cost could have an additional fee.


TravelMapItaly Advices:

  • Visit Venezia by foot

I recommend you to go and visit Venice by foot, walking all the small street that are picturesquely combined with small channels inside all the city. It will be one unforgettable experience for you.

  • Discover the hidden Venice

Don't limit yourself to visit only the main touristic streets in Venice. I recommend you from Piazzale Roma and nearest Railway Station to get the direction via Sestriere Cannaregio, Rio Terrà Lista de Spagna, Strada Nuova and you will finish just on the other side of Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge) - the most beautiful bridge in Venice. On this way you will discover another one side of Venice that is a little hidden from the main touristic streets and it is still less visited by tourists. Just after the Railway Station you will see on your right Ponte degli Scalzi, but don't cross it, go on. All this way is by foot and you will find the only one long and large street only for walking in Venezia. Your way will pass the Ghetto di Venezia, you will see many shops, a few churches as the St. Felice, Dei Santi Apostoli, and others, that are far from the touristic streets. If you are much more curious then use the map and find some more churches that are far from the Main street of Veniezia for Venezians like the Santa Maria dei Miracoli, the Basillica S. Giovanni Paolo, The Sant Alvise, The San Francesco della Vigna, Isola and the Church San Pietro di Castello, Isola di Sant' Elena and much more.

  • Take Vaporetto to Murano & Burano

Don't forget to plan one day also to visit the small colorful islands Murano –famous with producing glass colored products from the ancient times and Burano – famous with the secular lace work and culinary traditions (traditional sweets are Bussolai). The both of these small villages (islands) are situated on a couple of small islands and they both are well known for its typical brightly colored houses, very picturesquely places.

  • At least once take Gondola o Vaporetto

At least one time when you are in Venice you should use one of the two water transports in Venezia - Vaporetto (Water Taxi) or Gondola – it will show you another one side of the beauty of this incredible place on the world that it is impossible to see by walking.

  • Better to sleep in Mestre

In case you decide to go to Venezia by car you should think where to leave your car. If you have accommodation in the main city of Venezia or in the Island of Lido di Venezia you must leave your car in the parking in Isola di Tronchetto at the beginning of Venezia and Piazzale Roma. The less expensive way is to find a hotel in the nearest city of Mestre, where you can leave your car in the parking of the hotel. There are regular bus lines from Mestre to Venice and you should ask in your hotel which one bus you should take to Venezia.

  • Crowded Vaporetto in pick hours & Holidays

If you find that Vaporetto in the pick hours is too much crowded better and nice way to move in is by walking.

  • Gondola with Friends

If you would like to have a small trip by Gondola and you wish to spend less for it then hire Gondola with your friends or other people to share the costs.

  • Try Typical Venetian Food

Eating outside in the restaurants of Italy is always a little expensive than sandwiches. But if you are lucky to find some small restaurant not so far from the main touristic streets you can spend less and moreover you can try there real typical Italian food than is much more better than sandwiches. Typical for region of Veneto to eat are Clams (Vongole) and fish dishes.

  • Unpleasant odors

Remember that the channels are small and they are going to be clean just from time to time, so in the hot months you could get some unpleasant odor.


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