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Duomo and Baptistery di Volterra

volterra-duomo-travelmapitaly.comAbout Duomo di Volterra

(The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta)

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is the cathedral of Volterra.

It is not well known which one was the first Cathedral of Volterra, but in any case from the ninth century there was a church dedicated to Assumption Mary. Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1117 it was expanded in the second half of the thirteenth century. The cathedral in the transept shows a classic style decoration, including bezel set with the technique of ornamentation flattened pre-Romanesque style and diamonds that right in the middle sloping ceramic basins. The diamonds themselves are also present in the main facade, divided into three compartments by pilasters square type Lombard. The marble portal is composed of material reused from the Roman theater Vallebuona.


volterra-baptistery-travelmapitaly.comBaptistery of San Giovanni

(Battistero di San Giovanni)

It is situated in front of the Cathedral Duomo di Volterra. It is characterized by a coat of white and green striped marble decorated with a Romanesque portal craftsmen attributable to employees by Nicola Pisano. Top right over the front door you can see a marble slab of rectangular shape divided in two parts. Continuing to move right there is a small door of a secondary entrance.



Piazza San Giovanni

56048 Volterra (PI)


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Map of the Cathedral & Baptistery of Volterra


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