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About Colorno

Basic Information:


Colorno is a small municipality in the Province of Parma in the Italian region Emilia Romagna. It is located at about 90 km northwest of Bologna and about 15 km north of Parma.

The most attraction of Colorno is its castle - Reggia di Colorno.


What to see in Colorno?

Reggia di Colorno

Reggia di Colorno is located in the north of the province of Parma, Emilia Romagna. The castle is well know also as Palazzo Ducale (The Ducal Palace) was built by Francesco Farnese - The Duke of Parma in the early 18th century on the remains of a former castle by Azzo da Correggio as a defense of the Po River. It belonged to the Correggio and Terzi families and in the 16th -17th centuries it was restored by countess Barbara Sanseverino who desired a true palace for her court and to house her prestigious collection of works by painters such as Raphael, Titian, Mantegna and Correggio.

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Aranciaia di Colorno (The Orangerie)

Aranciaia di Colorno was built by the Duke of Colorno Francesco Farnese between 1710 and 1712. The Orangerie was the winter shelter of the trees of oranges and lemons in the summer decorating the beautiful garden of the Palace. The building, probably designed by the architect Ferdinando Bologna Bibiena (1657 - 1743), was to combine the features a particularly harmonious, it came to be in the vast area of the ducal garden.

In the second half of the eighteenth century Aranciaia lost its function to become a greenhouse for winter riding. It was used occasionally for exhibitions. With the unification of Italy the building, like many other state property was auctioned off and converted into storage.

Today Aranciai di Colorno houses the Museum of Rural Life and the pre-industrial technology.


See also in Colorno

  • Cappella Ducale di San Liborio
  • Duomo di Santa Margherita
  • Church Santo Stefano
  • Torre delle Acque


How to go to ?

    • By Air

The most close Airport to Colorno is the one in Parma. But you could use also the Airports of Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate, Bologna, Brecisa, Verona. Then you can get a taxi, rent a car or to go to the nearest station to get a train to Colorno.

For more information visit the sites of:

Parma Airport - International Airport Parma

Milano Malpensa - International Airport Milano - Terminal 1

Milano Malpensa - International Airport Milano - Terminal 2

Milano Linate - International Airport Linate - small airport, for some low cost fly

Bologna Airport - International Airport Bologna web site.

Brecsia Airport - International Airport Brescia

Verona Airport - International Airport Verona


    • By Train

It is an optional way to go to Colorno by train. Check in the nearest to you station to see what kind of connection you could do.

For more information visit the Italian Railway web site.


    • By Car

Of course as always the better way to go to Colorno is to go by car. There are a few parking in the main center of Colorno where you can leave your car.

From Parma or Highway A1 exit in Parma and get SP343R in direction north, to Colorno and Casalmaggiore.


    • Go Around

Colorno is a small town and you could easily see it only by walking.


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Map of Colorno


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