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Anyone who sees Matera can not be struck, it is so expressive and touching its aching beauty.

Carlo Levi

About Matera

Basic Information:


Matera is the second largest city and capital of the province of Basilicata for its population.

From 1663 to 1806 it Matera was even the capital of Basilicata in the Kingdom of Naples. During this period the city experienced significant economic growth, trade and culture.

The city of Matera is worldwide known for its historical Sassi, recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993 (first site in southern Italy that has received this recognition). Matera is between so called city decorated city with Merit for the War Liberation it was awarded by Silver Medal of Merit for the sacrifices of its inhabitants during the Second World War having been the first city in the South Italy to rise up in arms against Nazism and fascism.


What to see in Matera?

Sassi di Matera

The unique historic center of Matera made directly in the rocks was the reason this beautiful city to become famous.

The Sassi of Matera made the city to be known also as the The Rock City. Its churches excavated in the rock are unique to see and you should not miss this.


What to see more in Matera?


How to go to Matera?

    • By Air

The most used is the regional airport of Basilicata that can be used to go to Matera is the one in Bari. Then you can hire a car to go to Matera or to get a taxi. If it is still not then soon should be also possible to get a shuttle to go to Matera from the Airport of Bari for at about 1 hour.

For more information visit the Bari Airport web site.

Almost on the same distance is the Airport of Taranto (Puglia)  that is a good way to go to Matera.


    • By Car

If you go to visit Matera by car from Bari you should get SS 96 and then to get SS99 from Altamura to Matera.

If you come from Rome, Napoli you should get A3 from Salerno, then to get E847 in the exit of Sicignano-Buccino, leave it in exit Matera and get SS7racc, then via SS7 you will reach Matera.

If you come from Taranto get the SS7 to Matera.


    • Go Around

As in most of the Italian historical cities and village you should know that the streets are very narrow and you can visit them only by walking.


TravelMapItaly Advices

As it is always said here the better way to go and see South Italy is by car. This region of Italy is a picturesque and interesting to see and only driving by car you could appreciate it. So, don't hesitate to go there by car or to hire one on the nearest airports.

Note that in the historical parts of the city you should go only by walking.


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Map of Matera


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